Hello alls!

I'm looking for a complete Teac X-1000M Head system. This Head system
was espacially build for this model and have 4 heads: erase, record, 2T
playback and 4T playback.

Does someone in this list know were can I buy a this complete brand new
unused Head System?

I need my  Teac X-1000M to digitalize about a hundred tapes recorded
with this machine (dBx I on). 

For remind:

The TEAC X1000M was the last consumer reel-to-reel recorder to remain
available, with the X-2000M which outlived it by a few years. Although
the R version is the most common, the M should be the most desirable : M
stands for Master and that means half-track recording at 38cm/s. This
recorder had 2-track with 2 & 4-track replay, 3 heads, dbx type 1. The
dbx system allowed for a stunning 100dB s/n ratio and dynamic
capabilities which only digital recorders can surpass. See: <http://>

Thank you for you help.

Best regards.

R. Parejo-Coudert

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