I am interested in seeing EAD finding aids for legal or law-related
archives with detailed item-level description.

I'm working on a project for the University of Virginia Law Library
where we are creating an EAD finding aid for the papers of a retired
U.S. District Judge. The papers consist mainly of his unpublished
opinions. Since the papers cover 22 years and (I estimate) over 1500
different cases, we want to provide users with more guidance than just
the date and case title. We're using a list of subject terms to
describe the contents of each case (e.g. "Contracts and agency,"
"Bankruptcy," etc.), but I am very interested to see what other law
archives have done to describe similar materials. Our team may move on
to create detailed finding aids for other collections when we are done
with these papers, so I have an eye towards creating a more
generalized template.

Has anyone got models to recommend? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Kristin H. Jensen
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English
University of Virginia