ZFS is indeed very useful, I posted some information about it 
with links to the best resources I could find, if case anyone is 
interested in some follow up reading:

There was a bit of a legal cloud hanging over it at the time I 
wrote this up, and I am not sure if that has been resolved, or 
how the future of the product is affected by the takeover of Sun 
by Oracle.

Chris Prom

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>> 3. Checksums! Oh so very very very important.
>Many of the standard algorithms have been compromised, 
however, and
>increasing key strength is not necessarily a guarantor of 
security/ arbiter
>of authenticity. As a good first step I'd recommend that you 
talk to your IT
>department about implementing a very robust, self-correcting 
>Sun's ZFS is a good place to start as many of the checks you 
mention are
>built into the file management system.
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