Hi Nathan –


The container type terms in dsc11 (and probably in all the dsc’s) are case sensitive.  Change it to type=”Box” and type=”Folder” and it should work. 


Also, as you move forward bear in mind that only certain terms are recognized by the dsc style sheet.  For the first container element its Box Volume Carton or Reel .  For the second one its Folder Frame or Page .




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Yes, they are not displaying -- at all!  I've tried using different combinations of the two style sheets to no avail.  Currently I'm using "eadcbs6" with "dsc11".

Here's a snippet of my container list for Mark:

<c03 level="file">

                            <container type="box">7</container>
                            <container type="folder">3</container>
                            <unittitle>65th <function>Anniversary</function> at Wilshire Boulevard
                                Temple (Los Angeles, Calif.). Tributes. H-P.<unitdate

Thank you!


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On 3/4/2010 6:10 PM, Nathan Tallman wrote:

Greetings all,

I'm having some trouble getting container's to show up on a transformed
XML document.  I just setup Oxygen for EAD and downloaded the EAD
Cookbook style sheets.  My organization has some existing EAD files and
I was trying to transform them into HTML, but the container numbers
don't transfer.  Same thing if I view the style sheet-linked XML file in
my browser.  Everything else is showing up though.  Any ideas?


When you say "transfer" I assume you mean they're not displaying as you would like them to?  The Cookbook style sheets come in two parts (eadcbs#.xsl and dsc#.xsl).  It's the dsc#.xsl that handles the container part; each dsc differs slightly in the way it displays the container numbers, so it may just be that you need to choose a different dsc style sheet.  Which eadcbs and dsc are you using?


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