We recently launched a mobile initiative for our library that includes mobile pages for our finding aids.  While these are hard coded pages and require a certain amount time to create we feel it's worth it to attempt to provide information about our collections in as many formats as possible.

The collapsible sections of the Wikipedia examples are nice, however, when validating the Grace Hartigan wikipedia page against the W3C mobileOK Checker ( there are some critical errors, and the Sarah Palin page is totally mobile unfriendly!  I feel it's important that compliance with the standards helps to insure that the widest possible number of folks can use their mobile phones to access these pages.  

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We just got our first hit on one of our finding aids from a mobile device (well, the first one we know of, anyway).  So it made me wonder: has anyone looked into or thought about the question of displaying finding aids on mobile devices?  Wikipedia's mobile-accessible version ( provides an interesting model, with a stripped-down display and collapsible sections (which I know some people are using for their finding aids already).  See for example or .


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