Why not make an intellectual finding which integrates the physically separated records. It will do a disservice to the user if they have to go through two finding aids. With the wonders of electronics you can also produce a "shelf list" so you can see what's in each of the locations.
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I agree with the others' reasons for not doing this. Another problem is
that inevitably boxes will be moved. It may not for a long time, but I
would imagine very few repositories have never shifted collection

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On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Justin Lee Tyler wrote:

> Hi all. I've been asked to make two (or more) separate finding aids for a single collection which is split into two (or more) locations (and by location, I mean different floors in the same building.)
> In other word, Stanton family papers might have two finding aids. One for the first half which is on level A, and one for the second half which is on level B... and so forth.
> 1) Is this common?
> and
> 2) What would be the pros and cons of doing this?
> and
> 3) Any additional thoughts?
> Let me know if I'm not being clear. :)
> Thanks,
> Justin
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