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We are pleased to announce the creation of two new groups within the Society
of American Archivists with responsibility for Encoded Archival Description
(EAD).  At their February meeting, SAA Council created the Technical
Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Description (TS-EAD) and the Schema
Development Team (SDT), both of which will report to the SAA Standards

TS-EAD succeeds the EAD Working Group as the group primarily responsible for
the maintenance and development of Encoded Archival Description.  TS-EAD was
created as part of a broader restructuring of the SAA Standards
infrastructure that requires a standing subcommittee for each SAA-maintained
standard.  Its charge recognizes the international nature of EAD and ensures
that the international character of the EAD Working Group is continued.
TS-EAD will work in tandem with the EAC Working Group, which remains
responsible for EAC-CPF and future EAC standards.  The Schema Development
Team is a new group of professionals with schema-writing expertise that will
be responsible for the editing and maintenance of all XML schemas maintained
by SAA, supporting the work of both TS-EAD and the EAC Working Group.

With its charge, SAA instructed TS-EAD to undertake a revision of EAD 2002,
to be completed in no more than five years.  More information on the
upcoming EAD revision, including a call for comments, will follow soon.
Rest assured there will be ample opportunity for your feedback to be heard
throughout the revision process.

The full charge and roster for TS-EAD is available at
The charge and roster for the Schema Development Team is available at

Please feel free to contact us with questions about TS-EAD, the Schema
Development Team, or the upcoming revision of EAD.

Michael Rush, Yale University
Bill Stockting, British Library
TS-EAD Co-chairs


Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Description Roster:

Michael Rush, Co-chair, Yale University
Bill Stockting, Co-chair, British Library (UK)
Michael Fox, Minnesota Historical Society
Kris Kiesling, University of Minnesota
Angelika Menne-Haritz, Bundesarchiv (Germany)
Kelcy Shepherd, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Claire Sibille, Direction générale des patrimonies (France)
Henny van Schie, Nationaal Archief / Bibliotheek (Netherlands)
Sharry Watson, Provincial Archives of Alberta (Canada)
Brad Westbrook, University of California, San Diego
Karin Bredenberg, ex officio (Schema Development Team), National Archives of
Terry Catapano, ex officio (Schema Development Team), Columbia University
Michele Combs, ex officio (Schema Development Team), Syracuse University
Jacquelyn Ferry, ex officio (EAD Roundtable Chair), Wisconsin Historical
Glenn Gardner, ex officio (Library of Congress), Library of Congress
Mark Matienzo, ex officio (Schema Development Team), Yale University
Cory Nimer, ex officio (SAA Standards Committee), Brigham Young University
Daniel Pitti, ex officio (Schema Development Team), University of Virginia
Merrilee Proffitt, ex officio (OCLC Research), OCLC Research
Katherine Wisser, ex officio (EAC Working Group), Simmons College

Schema Development Team Roster:

Daniel Pitti, Chair, University of Virginia
Karin Bredenberg, National Archives of Sweden
Terry Catapano, Columbia University
Michele Combs, Syracuse University
Mark Matienzo, Yale University
Cory Nimer, ex officio (SAA Standards Committee), Brigham Young University
Michael Rush, ex officio (TS-EAD Co-chair), Yale University
Bill Stockting, ex officio (TS-EAD Co-chair), British Library
Katherine Wisser, ex officio (EAC Working Group Chair), Simmons College