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On behalf of Barbara Busch, Library Director

American Chemical Society	v.42-127	1920-2005
ACM SIGGRAPH	v.15-39	1981-2005
American Geophysical Union (EOS)	v.1-58	1920-1977
American Journal of Mathematics	v.1-101	1878-1979
American Society for Information Science Journal	v.21-35	1970-1997
Annalen der Physik	v.1-20	1992-1997
Annales de Physique 		1914-1979
Annals of Mathematics	v.1-50	1899-1949
Applied Acoustics	v.1-66	1968-2005
Applied Ocean Research	v.3-27	1981-2005
Archiv fur Meteorologie Geophysik und Bioklimatologie	v.21-28	1972-1980
Archiv fur Elecktrotechnik	v.59-73	1977-1990
Army R,D& A		1984-2004
Artificial Intelligence	v.72-107	1995-1999
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering	v.9-16	1995-2002
Communication of the ACM	v.1-36	1958-1993
Association for Computing Machinery Journal	v.1-52	1954-2005
Astrophysical Journal	v.55-514	1922-1999
Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics	v.1-7	1992-1994
Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics	v.1-37	1965-2001
Atmospheric Environment	v.1-22	1967-1988
Atmospheric Optics	v.2-4	1989-1991
Audio	v.55-80	1971-1996
Australian Journal of Marine and wastewater Research	v.22-45	1971-1994
Behavioral Science	v.5-34	1960-1989
Bell Communications Research Exchange	v.2-12	1986-1996
Bell Laboratories Record	v.15-39	1936-1961
Bell System Technical Journal	v.45-62	1922-1983
Biological Cybernetics	v.55-77	1986-1997
Biological Oceanography	v.4-6	1987-1989
Biological Reviews Cambridge Philosophical Society	v.46-65	1971-1990
Biometrics	v.3-54	1947-1998
Biophysical Journal	v.10-76	1970-1999
Biosensors	v.3-7	1987-1992
Biotechnology	v.3-14	1985-1990
BMT Abstracts	v.41-44	1986-1989
Brain, Behavior and Evolution	v.14-52	1977-1998
British ship Research Association	v.25-40	1970-1985
Budget and Program	v.13	2001
Bulletin (New Series) American Mathematical Society	v.1-42	1979-2005
Bulletin if Mathematical Biology	v.35-52	1973-1990
Cabling Installation and Maintenance	v.3-10	1995-2002
Canadian Geotechnical Journal	v.1-25	1963-1988
Canadian Journal of mathematics	v.1-36	1949-1989
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science	v.37-44	1980-1987
Canadian Journal of Physics	v.29-65	1951-1987
Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings	v.10-12	1989-1991
Cetology	v.15-53	1973-1987
Chemical Reviews	v.1-91	1925-1991
Chemtronics	v.1-5	1986-1991
Chromotographia	v.1-42	1971-1996
Cognitive Psychology	v.19-46	1987-2003
Communication in Partial Differential Equations	v.27	2002
Communication of the ACM	v.37-48	1994-2005
Communications and Broadcasting	v.1-8	1974-1982
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics	v.1-29	1948-1976
Computer	v.23-38	1990-2005
Computer Communication Review	v.12-22	1982-1999
Computer in Science and Engineering	v.1-7	1999-2005
Computer Networks	v.1-49	1976-2005
Computer Standard and Interface	v.5-27	1986-2005
Computer Vision and Image Understanding	v.61-89	1995-2003
Computers in Mechanical Engineering	v.1-7	1982-1988
Fisheries Research Board of Canada	v.29-36	1972-1979
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society	v.125-133	1997-2005
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series	v.1-31	1954-1976
The Biological Bulletin	v.124-196	1963-1999
The Journal of Computer Documentation	v.16-21	1992-1997