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Circulation Desk

On behalf of Barbara Busch, Library Director

Constructive Approximation	v.1-12	1985-1996
Control and Instrumentation	v.7-21	1975-1989
Control Engineering	v.42-75	1995-2002
Copeia	v.1-4	1974-1988
CRC Critical Reviews in Environmental Control	v.7-15	1977-1989
Crosstalk	v.11-15	1998-2002
Cryogenics	v.1-30	1960-1990
Datamation	v.42-44	1996-1998
Deep-Sea Research	v.1-51	1953-2004
Oceanographic Literature Review Deep Sea Research	v.36-39	1989-1992
Deep Sea Research II	v.40-52	1993-2005
Deep Sea Research: Oceanographic Literature Review	v.26-34	1979-1987
Deep-Sea Research and Oceanographic Abstracts	v.14-16	1967-1969
Deutsche Hydrographische Zeitschrift		1971-1985
Digital Signal Processing	v.5-16	1995-2006
Digital Systems Journal	v.16-17	1994-1995
Digital Systems Report	v.18	1996-2002
Discover	v.18-23	1997-2002
Distributed Systems Engineering	v.5-26	1998-2005
Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Trials	v.111-403	1986-2007
Duke Mathematical Journal	v.1-57	1935-1988
Dynamics of Atmospherical Oceans	v.22-40	1995-2005
Earth Science Reviews	v.14-24	1978-1987
Ecology	v.38-71	1957-1990
Electrical Engineering in Japan	v.83-108	1963-1998
Electrochimica	v.25-46	1980-2001
Electronic Engineering	v.68-74	1996-2002
Electronics Letter	v.1-42	1965-2006
Electronics Now	v.63-70	1993-1999
Electronics Week	v.57-58	1984-1985
Electronics World	v.96-106	1990-2000
Electrotechnische Zeitschrift		1979-1987
Engineering Analysis	v.1-9	1984-1992
Engineering Fracture Mechanics	v.26-38	1987-1991
Environmental Science and Technology	v.1-33	1967-1999
Estuarine and Coastal Marine Science	v.1-31	1973-1990
Evolutionary Computation	v.1-5	1993-1997
The FASEB Journal	v.1-4	1987-1990
Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology	v.27-46	1968-1987
Feinwerktechnic and Messentechnik	v.82-90	1974-1990
Ferroelectrics	v.32-71	1981-1987
Fluctuation and Noise Letters	v.2-5	2002-2005
Fluid Mechanics- Soviet Research	v.1-18	1972-1989
Foundation of Physics	v.1-16	1970-1986
Franklin Institute Journal	v.174-288	1912-1968
Future Generations Computer Systems	v.1-21	1984-2005
The GEC Journal of Research	v.1-14	1983-1999
Geochimica Et Cosmochimics Acta	v.23-53	1961-1989
Geology	v.1-16	1973-1988
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy	v.1-35	1961-1997
Geophysica	v.1-23	1935-1987
Geophysical Journal	v.1-151	1958-2002
Geophysics	v.1-89	1936-1989
Satellite News	v.25-26	2002-2004
Geotechnique	v.1-38	1948-1988
Geotechnics	v.1-22	1971-1989
Heat Transfer	v.1-21	1969-1989
Helgolander Wessenschiffiche	v.22-42	1971-1988
Helvetica Physica Acta	v.1-72	1928-1999
Annals Henri Poincare	v.3	2002-2003
Higher Order and Symbolic Competition	v.11-14	1998-2001
Hydrospace	v.1-4	1967-1971
Instrumentation and control Systems (ICS)	v.1-73	1996-2000
ICE	v.1-83	1958-1987
ICES Journal of Marine Science	v.51-60	1994-2003
Optical and Acoustical Review	v.1	1990-1991
Philosophical Magazine Letters	v.1-58	1987-1988
Ocean Engineering	v.22-32	1995-2005
Physica	v.213-300	1995-1999
Indian Journal of Physics	v.1-51	1926-1977
Indiana University Mathematics Journal	v.20-37	1970-1988
Schiffsetechnik		1971-1988
Inorganic Chemistry	v.21-27	1982-1988
Institute of Mathematics and Applications	v.1-25	1965-1980
Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control	v.1-10	1979-1977
Journal of the Institute of Engineers (India)	v.63-82	1982-2001
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers	v.1-184	1930-1970