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Circulation Desk

On behalf of Barbara Busch, Library Director

Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers	v.25-41	1964-1980
Intech	v.33-49	1986-2002
Intelligence	v.10-12	1999-2001
Groupement Industrial des Armente Terestes	v.2-7	1973-1976
Interfaces in Computing	v.1-3	1982-1985
International Association for Analog Computation	v.1-18	1958-1976
International Defense Review	v.1-25	1968-1992
International Hydrophobic Bulletin		1995-1999
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering	v.7-28	1974-1989
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids	v.2-9	1985-1989
International Journal of Adaptive Control in Signal Processing	v.2-12	1988-1998
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning	v.1-20	1987-1999
International Journal of Computer Mathematics	v.1-26	1964-1989
International Journal of Engineering Science	v.1-27	1963-1989
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer	v.1-36	1960-1993
High Performance Computing Application	v.13-17	1998-2003
International Journal of Human Computing Studies	v.1-50	1994-1999
International Journal of Intelligent Systems	v.2-14	1987-1999
Supercomputer Applications	v.1-17	1987-1999
International Journal of Systems Science	v.1-26	1970-1995
Internationale Elektronische Rundschau	v.17-29	1963-1975
ISA Transactions	v.1-42	1962-2003
IT Professional	v.1-7	1989-2005
Journal of Electronic Engineering	v.19-33	1992-1996
Java	v.3	1998
JASIS- Journal of the American Society for Information Science	v.38-49	1987-1998
Johns Hopkins Technical Digest	v.1-22	1980-2001
Joint Force Quarterly	v.1-31	1993-2002
Journal D'Accoustique	v.1-5	1988-1991
The Journal of Air Traffic Control	v.2-44	1960-2002
Journal of Applied Physiology	v.1-42	1948-1977
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy	v.26-48	1977-1988
Journal of Atmosphere and Terrestrial Physics	v.1-67	1950-2005
Journal of Biomechanics	v.5-23	1970-1990
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data	v.4-33	1959-1988
Journal of Chemical Physics	v.1-69	1933-1978
Journal of Chromatography	v.435-591	1988-1992
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics	v.1-88	1985-1998
Journal of Computational Physics	v.116-214	1995-2006
Journal of Computer and System Sciences	v.20-72	1980-2006
Journal of Crystal Growth	v.1-135	1967-1994
Journal of Cybernetics	v.8-10	1978-1980
Journal of Design Automation and Fault Computing	v.1-4	1976-1979
Journal of Differential Equations	v.146-152	1998
Journal of Digital Systems	v.4	1980-1982
Journal of Engineering Mathematics	v.1-15	1967-1981
Journal of Environmental Sciences	v.18-32	1975-1989
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology	v.3-218	1969-1997
Journal of Experimental Psychology	v.59-103	1960-1974
Journal of Experimental Zoology	v.243-248	1987-1988
Journal of Fluid Mechanics	v.1-101	1956-1980
Journal of General Psychology	v.100-115	1979-1988
Journal of Geodynamics	v.9-27	1988-1999
Journal of Geology	v.45-96	1937-1988
Journal of Imaging Science	v.29-35	1985-1992
The Journal of Information and Image Management	v.16-19	1983-1986
The Journal of Logic Programming	v.12-18	1992-1994
Journal of Lubrication Technology	v.89-105	1967-1983
Journal of Marine Systems	v.1-58	1990-2005
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics	v.1-3	1990-1992
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications	v.1-72	1960-1979
Journal of Mathematical Physics	v.1-20	1960-1979
Journal of Mathematical Psychology	v.1-32	1964-1988
Journal of Micrographics	v.1-16	1967-1989
Journal of Ocean Technology	v.1-2	1966-1968
Journal of Optics	v.8-29	1977-1998
Journal of Organic Chemistry	v.1-52	1936-1987
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 	v.24-68	1995-2008
Journal of Physical Chemistry	v.56-103	1952-1999
Journal of Physics A: General Physics	v.1-20	1968-1987
Journal of Optical Spectra	v.1-11	1967-1977
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics	v.1-21	1968-1988
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter	v.1-8	1989-1996
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics	v.3-20	1970-1987
Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments	v.3-22	1970-1989
Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics	v.1-7	1971-1977
Journal of Plankton Research	v.4-25	1982-2003
Journal of Polymer Science part A: General Papers	v.2-18	1964-1980
Journal of Polymers Science Part B: Polymer Letters	v.2-18	1964-1980
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A-2 Polymer Physics	v.4-18	1963-1980
Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Science	v.4-68	1963-1978
Journal of Robotic Systems	v.12-15	1997-1995
Journal of Scientific Systems	v.1-44	1923-1995
Journal of Scientific Instruments Series 2	v.1-2	1923-1967
Optics and Lasers in Engineering	v.22-42	1968-1969
Journal of Systems Management	v.20-40	1995-2004
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences	v.19-54	1969-1989
Journal of the IEST	v.41-47	1962-1989
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids	v.1-25	1962-1997
Journal of the National Institute if Information and Communications Technology	v.50-55	1998-2004
Transactions of the ASME	v.106-114	1952-1977
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology	v.1-21	2003-2008
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A	v.1-18	1984-2000
Journal of Wildlife Management	v.34-52	1971-1988
Limnology and Oceanography	v.1-51	1956-2006
Linear Algebra and its Application	v.179-196	1993-1994
London Mathematical Society Bulletin	v.1-11	1969-1976
Journal of the London mathematical Society	v.15-44	1940-1969
Journal of the London mathematical Society Series 2	v.1-20	1969-1979
London Mathematical Society Bulletin Proceedings	v.1-54	1903-1953
London Mathematical society Third Series Proceedings	v.1-39	1951-1979
Marine Science Communications Basic and Applied	v.2-5	1976-1979