I understand that some people are having trouble with the link that
provided details about being an author for the 2010 Best Practices for
Government Libraries. Here is the invitation to write that was posted on
the Government Info Pro blog. If you are thinking about writing an
article for Best Practices and have any questions just email me at
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If you want to see the invitation out on the Government Info Pro try
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A reminder to government librarians...

You are invited to be one of the authors for the 2010 Best Practices for
Government Libraries!

Why should you contribute to this edition of Best Practices for
Government Libraries?

    * Join the list of 75+ peer contributors who have made the annual
publication a must-read for the government librarian community
    * Showcase your best practices for innovating and creating success
in your workplace and beyond
    * Enjoy the recognition of being published in Best Practices and via
the Government Info Pro

Here's a few examples of recent posts of Best Practices articles
featured on the Government Info Pro (

    * Careers in Federal Libraries Resume Review Service Connecting
Newbies and Professionals by Kim Lyall, Outreach Specialist, NASA Center
for AeroSpace Information operated by Chugach Industries, Inc.
    * Engineering Your Library for Change by Deborah E. B. Keller, U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers, Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity
    * The Federal Library Competencies: A Tool for Meeting the
Challenges of Change by Roberta Shaffer, Law Librarian of Congress (then
Executive Director FLICC/FEDLINK)
    * Libraries in Change by Suzanne Morrison, Branch Librarian, U.S.
Courts Library 8th Circuit
    * The Library's Training Committee Takes the Lead on Training
Activity at the Department of Justice by Michele Masias, Law Librarian,
Patrick Henry Library, U.S. Department of Justice Library Staff

This year, the Best Practices topic is Value 2.0: Developing It,
Delivering It, and Demonstrating It. We seek examples of your efforts to
create, provide, and showcase the value of the library and yourself, as
an information professional. Your submission could be electronic or hard
copy, cutting-edge or time-tested but with a new twist, in place or
conceptual, in the workplace or in the community. In 2010, we look
forward to seeing even more of your good ideas.

The scope of submissions is only limited by your imagination. In past
years, we have received: program descriptions and promotional materials,
planning documents, websites and blog entries, video, displays, original
articles, tips and techniques, testimonials, awards, and personal
observations on the topic.

I particularly want to encourage you to consider the submission of a
short, original article on the topic of VALUE from any angle: library,
organization, profession, or personal.

For the 2010 edition of Best Practices, please email your submissions to
Marie Kaddell at [log in to unmask] or mail hard copy
contributions to Marie Kaddell, LexisNexis, Suite 600, 1150 Eighteenth
Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036. The deadline for submission is April
14, 2010.

This is your opportunity to step into the spotlight! Take advantage of
it and share your successes, your ideas, and your wisdom. I am looking
forward to seeing a broad spectrum of content again this year and I hope
you will make it a point to participate.

Share! Write! Get Published!


Marie Kaddell, M.L.S., M.S., M.B.A.
Senior Information Professional Consultant 
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DC/SLA Click U Coordinator 
Chair Elect, SLA Division of Government Information 
Visit the LexisNexis Government Info Pro blog at