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    A celebration of physics at the millennium
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    Theoretical physics.
QC21 .D22
    Physical quantities and units
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    Precision measurement and calibration : selected NBS papers.
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    Introduction to quantum field theory.
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    Solid state and semiconductor physics [by] John P. McKelvey.
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    Diffusion in solids / Paul Shewmon. 2nd ed.
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    Gravitation: an introduction to current research.
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    Translation edited by D. Slutzkin.
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    Engineering applications of acoustics / by John A. Kleppe.
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    Vigoureux, Paul, 1903-
    Ultrasonics / by P. Vigoureux.
QC254 .C899
    Heat thermodynamics and statistical
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    Temperature, its measurement and control in science and industry. Volume 4
    / Harmon H. Plumb, editor-in-chief ; with the cooperation of American
    Institute of Physics, Instrument Society of America, National Bureau of
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    Temperature, its measurement and control in science and industry. Volume 4
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    Temperature, its measurement and control in science and industry. Volume 4
    / Harmon H. Plumb, editor-in-chief ; with the cooperation of American
    Institute of Physics, Instrument Society of America, National Bureau of
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    The measurement of temperature [by] J.A. Hall.
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    Temperature measurement / L. Michalski, K. Eckersdorf, and J. McGhee.
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    A history of the thermometer and its use in meteorology, by W. E. Knowles
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    Thermometry / author, James F. Schooley.
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    Temperature, its measurement and control in science and industry, v.5 /
    James F. Schooley, editor-in-chief ; cosponsored by American Institute of
    Physics, Instrument Society of America, National Bureau of Standards.
QC271 .T282 PT.2                         1982
    Temperature, its measurement and control in science and industry, v.5 /
    James F. Schooley, editor-in-chief ; cosponsored by American Institute of
    Physics, Instrument Society of America, National Bureau of Standards.
QC277 .A652 1985                         1985
    Applications of radiation thermometry : a symposium / sponsored by ASTM
    Committee E-20 on Temperature Measurement in cooperation with the National
    Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD, 8 May 1984 ; J.C. Richmond and D.P.
    DeWitt, editors.
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    TSiklis, Daniil Semenovich.
    Handbook of techniques in high-pressure research and engineering / by
    Daniil S. TSiklis ; translation edited and with a preface by Alfred
QC320 .A244C                             1969
    Advanced Heat Transfer Short Course (1967 : University of Illinois)
    Advanced heat transfer. B. T. Chao, editor.
    Urbana, published in cooperation with Engineering Publications Office,
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    Elements of heat transfer / [by] Max Jakob [and] George A. Hawkins. 3d ed.
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    Kern, Donald Quentin, 1914-
    Process heat transfer. 1st ed.
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    The theory of optics. Translated from the German by C. Riborg Mann and
    Robert A. Millikan.
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    Fundamentals of optics [by] Francis A. Jenkins [and] Harvey E. White.
    3d ed.
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    Introduction to optics: geometrical and physical. 4th ed.
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    Optics. [3d ed., 3d print.]
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    Optics / K.D. M*oller.
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    Light; principles and experiments. 2d ed.
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    Optical radiation measurements edited [by] R. James Rockwell, Jr.
    1st ed.
T3301 .M483F 2006                        2005
    Means facilities maintenance and repair cost data : 2006. /
    13th Annual Edition
TH435 .M483R 2006                        2005
    Means labor rates for the construction industry 2006. / 33rd ed.
TH3411 .M483 2006                        2005
    Robert Snow Means Company.
    Means repair and remodeling cost data 2006 /
    R & R cost data 2006 Means R & R cost data 2006.
    27th Annual Edition.
TH3411 .M483N 2006                       2005
    Means interior cost data 2006. / 23rd ed.
TK435 .M483C 2006                        2005
    Means electrical change order cost data 2006. /
    18th annual edition.
TS177 .M483 2006                         2005
    Means facilities construction cost data, 2006. /
    20th annual ed.
    Simon Ramo John R. Whinnery Theodore Van Duzer
    Fields and Waves in communication electronics 3rd Edition
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