We're doing some spring cleaning in the law library and would like to offer the following Shepard's volumes, free to a good home:

Shepard's Labor Law Citations
1995, Parts 1-19
Supplement 1995-97, Parts 1-4
Supplement 1997-99, parts 1-3
Supplement 1999-2001, parts 1,4
Supplement 2002, parts 1-3

Shepard's Federal Labor Law Case Names Citator
1989, Parts 1-4

Shepard's Acts and Cases by Popular Names
1999, Parts 1-3

Shepard's Federal Occupational Safety and Health Citations

Shepard's Code of Federal Regulations Citations
1994, Parts 1-2

Shepard's United States Supreme Court Case Names Citator
Supplement, 1987-91

Shepard's United States Citations
Statutes Edition, Vol. 1-5, 1986

Please contact me off list - [log in to unmask] - if you are interested and we will discuss pick-up options.

Best Regards,

Olivia Ivey
Law Librarian
U.S. Dept. of Labor
Wirtz Labor Library