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HG4026 .H474 1987                        1987
    Helfert, Erich A.
    Techniques of financial analysis / Erich A. Helfert. 6th ed.
LC5803 .C65 C754 2000                    2000
    Conrad, Kerri
    Instructional design for Web-based training / by Kerri Conrad and
Q335 .R498                               1983
    Rich, Elaine.
    Artificial intelligence / Elaine Rich.
QA76.5 .K92 1989                         1989
    Krishnamurthy, E. V.
    Parallel processing : principles and practice / E.V. Krishnamurthy.
QA76.9 .A25 D927 2004                    2004
    Duntemann, Jeff.
    Degunking your email, spam, and viruses / Jeff Duntemann.
QA76.9 .D26 D179 2000                    2000
    Danesh, Arman.
    Mastering ColdFusion 4.5 / Arman Danesh.
QA76.9 .D26F736C 1998                    1998
    Forta, Ben.
    The ColdFusion 4.0 Web application construction kit / Ben Forta, with Nate
    Weiss ... [et al.]. Web application construction kit 3rd ed.
QA76.9 .D3 B255 1999                     1999
    Barker, F. Scott.
    F. Scott Barker's Microsoft Access 2000 power programming / F. Scott
    Microsoft Access 2000 power programming
QA76.9 .D3 C344 1999                     1999
    Cassel, Paul.
    Sams teach yourself Microsoft Access 2000 in 21 days / Paul Cassell
    [sic.], Pam Palmer.
QA76.9 .D3 D232 2000                     2000
    Date, C. J.
    An introduction to database systems / C.J. Date. 7th ed.
QA76.9 .D3 G394 V.1 1999                 1999
    Getz, Ken.
    Access 2000 developer's handbook / Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, Mike Gilbert.
QA76.9.D3 I59 1995                       1995
    Inside ADABAS : direct calls : introduction to ADASQL / edited by D.D.
    Hamilton. 3rd edition
QA76.9 .D3 I72 2002                      2002
    Irwin, Michael R.
    Access 2002 bible / Michael R. Irwin and Cary N. Prague with Jennifer
    Reardon. Microsoft Access 2002 bible  Gold ed.
QA76.9 .D3 M528 2000                     2002
    Melton, Jim, 1946-
    SQL: 1999 : understanding relational language components / Jim Melton,
    Alan Simon.
QA76.9 .D3 N886 1997                     1997
    Norton, Peter, 1943-
    Peter Norton's guide to Access 97 programming / Peter Norton and Virginia
    Andersen.  Guide to Access 97 programming Access 97 programming 1st ed.
QA76.9 .D3 O63S 1999 V.1                 1999
    Oracle8i : SQL reference, release 8.1.5 / [principal authors, Diana
    Lorentz, Denise Oertel ; contributers, Alan Dowling ... [et al.]]
    SQL reference, release 8.1.5
QA76.9 .D3 O63S 1999 V.2                 1999
    Oracle8i : SQL reference, release 8.1.5 / [principal authors, Diana
    Lorentz, Denise Oertel ; contributers, Alan Dowling ... [et al.]]
    SQL reference, release 8.1.5
QA76.9 .D3 S896 1999                     1999
    Strahl, Rick
    Internet applications with Visual FoxPro 6.0 / Rick Strahl.
QA76.9 .D3 W358 1999                     1999
    Waymire, Richard.
    Sams teach yourself Microsoft SQL server 7.0 in 21 days / Richard Waymire,
    Rick Sawtell. Microsoft SQL server 7.0 in 21 days
QA76.9.D3 W466 1995                      1995
    Wempen, Faithe.
    10 minute guide to Access for Windows 95 / by Faithe Wempen.
    Ten minute guide to Access for Windows 95
QA76.9 .D43 B268 2005                    2005
    Barr, Adam.
    Find the bug : a book of incorrect programs / Adam Barr.
QA76.9.D5 D614 1993                      1993
    Distributed computer environments / Dan Cerutti, editor ; Donna Pierson,
    assistant editor.
QA76.9 .D5 D614A 2000                    2000
    Distributed applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 : MSCD training kit
    : for Exam 70-015 / Microsoft Corporation.
QA76.9 .H85 B949 2003                    2003
    Burdea, Grigore.
    Virtual reality technology / Grigore Burdea, Philippe Coiffet.
    2nd ed.
QA76.9 .H85 C532 2002                    2002
    CHI Conference (2002 : Minneapolis, Minn.)
    CHI 2002 : changing the world, changing ourselves : conference proceedings
    : Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems : Minneapolis,
QA76.9 .H85 H432 1999                    1999
    Head, Alison J., 1957-
    Design wise : a guide for evaluating the interface design of information
    resources / by Alison J. Head.
QA76.9 .S63 P153 2004                    2004
    Pal, Sankar K.
    Foundations of soft case-based reasoning / Sankar K. Pal, Simon C.K. Shiu.
    Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2004.
    Publisher description
QA76.9 .S88 W624 1998                    1998
    Whitten, Jeffrey L.
    Systems analysis and design methods / Jeffrey L. Whitten, Lonnie D.
    Bentley ; special contributions by Kevin C. Dittman. 4th ed.
QA76.9 .U83 B263 2002                    2002
    Barnum, Carol M.
    Usability testing and research / Carol M. Barnum.
QA76.9.U83 G161 1993                     1993
    Galitz, Wilbert O.
    User-interface screen design / Wilbert O. Galitz.
QA76.9.U83 M469 1992                     1992
    Mayhew, Deborah J.
    Principles and guidelines in software user interface design / Deborah J.
QA76.9 .U83 R287 1998                    1998
    Readings in intelligent user interfaces / edited by Mark T. Maybury,
    Wolfgang Wahlster.
QA76.9.U83 W424 1995                     1995
    Weinschenk, Susan.
    Guidelines for enterprise-wide GUI design / Susan Weinschenk, Sarah C.
    Yeo. Enterprise-wide GUI design.
QA76.9 .W43 P964 2001                    2001
    Professional ColdFusion 5.0 / Nicole Ambrose-Haynes ... [et al.].
    ColdFusion 5.0
QA76.95 .M647 1981                       1981
    Miller, Alan R., 1932-
    BASIC programs for scientists and engineers / Alan R. Miller.
    1st ed.
QA96.V53 .D561 1993                      1993
    Diem, Max, 1947-
    Introduction to modern vibrational spectroscopy / by Max Diem.
QA107 .G677 1975                         1975
    Gossage, Loyce C.
    Basic mathematical skills: a text workbook [by] Loyce C. Gossage.
    2d ed.
QA166 .B976                              1965
    Busacker, Robert G.
    Finite graphs and networks; an introduction with applications [by] Robert
    G. Busacker [and] Thomas L. Saaty.
QA171 .H176                              1967
    Hall, George Garfield.
    Applied group theory
QA171 .L825                              1968
    Loebl, Ernest M., 1923-
    Group theory and its applications / Edited by Ernest M. Loebl.
QA184 .S555 1980                         1980
    Shields, Paul C.
    Elementary linear algebra / Paul C. Shields. 3d ed.
QA188 .G629                              1983
    Golub, Gene H. (Gene Howard), 1932-
    Matrix computations / Gene H. Golub, Charles F. Van Loan.
QA211 .U86                               1948
    Uspensky, James Victor, 1883-
    Theory of equations. 1st ed.
QA221 .A652                              1970
    Approximation theory; proceedings of a symposium held at Lancaster, July
    1969, edited by A. Talbot.
QA221 .R625                              1969
    Rivlin, Theodore J., 1926-
    An introduction to the approximation of functions [by] Theodore J. Rivlin.
QA241 .F296                              1964
    Feferman, Solomon.
    The number systems; foundations of algebra and analysis.
QA248 .K21                               1985
    Kaufmann, A. (Arnold), 1911-
    Introduction to fuzzy arithmetic : theory and applications / Arnold
    Kaufmann, Madan M. Gupta.
QA248 .R848                              1966
    Rotman, B. (Brian)
    The theory of sets and transfinite numbers, by B. Rotman and G.T.
QA248 .R896                              1967
    Rubin, Jean E.
    Set theory for the mathematician [by] Jean E. Rubin.
QA248 .S392 1984                         1984
    Schmucker, Kurt J.
    Fuzzy sets, natural language computations, and risk analysis / by Kurt J.
    Schmucker ; foreword by Lotfi A. Zadeh.
QA251 .B379                              1954
    Beaumont, Ross Allen, 1914-
    Introduction to modern algebra and matrix theory, by Ross A. Beaumont and
    Richard W. Ball.
QA251 .C952                              1965
    Crouch, Ralph.
    Linear algebra / by Ralph Crouch and David Beckman.
QA251 .D814                              1965
    Dubisch, Roy, 1917-
    Introduction to abstract algebra.
QA251 .K26                               1965
    Keesee, John W.
    Elementary abstract algebra [by] John W. Keesee.
QA261 .D262 1987                         1987
    Davis, Harry F.
    Introduction to vector analysis / Harry F. Davis, Arthur David Snider.
    5th ed.
QA261 .K92                               1967
    Krishnamurty, Karamcheti.
    Vector analysis and cartesian tensors, with selected applications.
QA261 .L745                              1964
    Lindgren, B. W. (Bernard William), 1924-
    Vector calculus.
QA261 .S337                              1967
    Schkade, Lawrence L.
    Vectors and matrices [by] Lawrence L. Schkade.
QA263 .B869                              1969
    Bronson, Richard.
    Matrix methods; an introduction.
QA263 .H719                              1958
    Hohn, Franz Edward, 1915-1977.
    Elementary matrix algebra.
QA263 .T469                              1969
    Thompson, Edgar Hynes.
    An introduction to the algebra of matrices with some applications [by] E.
    H. Thompson.
QA264 .B797                              1968
    Bracken, Jerome.
    Selected applications of nonlinear programming [by] Jerome Bracken and
    Garth P. McCormick.
QA264 .D857                              1967
    Duffin, Richard James, 1909-
    Geometric programming: theory and application [by] Richard J. Duffin,
    Elmor L. Peterson [and] Clarence Zener.
QA264 .F438                              1968
    Fiacco, Anthony V.
    Nonlinear programming; sequential unconstrained minimization techniques
    [by] Anthony V. Fiacco [and] Garth P. McCormick.
QA266 .A513                              1969
    Ames, Dennis Burley, 1906-
    An introduction to abstract algebra [by] Dennis B. Ames.
QA266 .F595                              1964
    Flegg, Graham.
    Boolean algebra and its application, including Boolean matrix algebra.
QA266 .G493                              1968
    Ginzburg, Abraham.
    Algebraic theory of automata.
QA268 .P726                              1982
    Pless, Vera.
    Introduction to the theory of error-correcting codes / Vera Pless.
QA268 .W149                              1978
    Wakerly, John F.
    Error detecting codes, self-checking circuits and applications / John
QA273 .D761                              1967
    Drake, Alvin W.
    Fundamentals of applied probability theory [by] Alvin W. Drake.
QA273 .P276                              1964
    Parzen, Emanuel, 1929-
    Stochastic processes.
QA273 .R934                              1967
    Ruiz-Pal*a, Ernesto.
    Waiting-line models: an introduction to their theory and application [by]
    Ernest Ruiz-Pal*a, Carlos *Avila-Beloso [and] William W. Hines.
QA273.6 .D566 1991                       1991
    Dietrich, C. F. (Cornelius Frank)
    Uncertainty, calibration, and probability : the statistics of scientific
    and industrial measurement / C.F. Dietrich. 2nd ed.
QA274 .S637 1992                         1992
    Smeitink Eric.
    Stochastic models for repairable systems / Eric Smeitink.
    Stochastic models
QA275 .B858                              1968
    Brinkworth, Brian Joseph.
    An introduction to experimentation [by] B. J. Brinkworth.
QA276 .B562                              1985
    Bethea, Robert M.
    Statistical methods for engineers and scientists / Robert M. Bethea,
    Benjamin S. Duran, Thomas L. Boullion. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded.
QA276 .L745 1978                         1978
    Lindgren, B. W. (Bernard William), 1924-
    Introduction to probability and statistics / B. W. Lindgren, G. W.
    McElrath, D. A. Berry. 4th ed.
QA276.12 .M787 2003                      2003
    Montgomery, Douglas C.
    Applied statistics and probability for engineers / Douglas C. Montgomery,
    George C. Runger. 3rd ed.
QA276.5 .C663                            1963
    Cochran, William Gemmell, 1909-
    Sampling techniques. 2d ed.
QA278 .C953 1990                         1990
    Crowder, M. J. (Martin J.), 1943-
    Analysis of repeated measures / M.J. Crowder and D.J. Hand. 1st ed.
QA279 .F596                              1981
    Fleiss, Joseph L.
    Statistical methods for rates and proportions / Joseph L. Fleiss. 2d ed.
QA279 .M411 1989                         1989
    Mason, Robert L., 1946-
    Statistical design and analysis of experiments : with applications to
    engineering and science / Robert L. Mason, Richard F. Gunst, James L.
QA279 .S267 1991                         1991
    Saville, David J.
    Statistical methods : the geometric approach / David J. Saville, Graham R.
QA279.4 .B466 2001                       2001
    Ben-Haim, Yakov, 1952-
    Information-gap decision theory : decisions under severe uncertainty /
    Yakov Ben-Haim.
QA279.4 .K53                             1971
    King, James R.
    Probability charts for decision making [by] James R. King.
QA280 .J52                               1968
    Jenkins, Gwilym M.
    Spectral analysis and its applications [by] Gwilym M. Jenkins and Donald
    G. Watts.
QA295 .M277                              1965
    Mangulis, V.
    Handbook of series for scientists and engineers [by] V. Mangulis.
QA297 .A876 1983                         1983
    Atkinson, Laurence.
    An introduction to numerical methods with Pascal / L.V. Atkinson, P.J.
QA297 .F735                              1967
    Forsythe, George Elmer, 1917-
    Computer solution of linear algebraic systems [by] George E. Forsythe
    [and] Cleve B. Moler.
QA297 .F792                              1968
    Fox, Leslie.
    Computing methods for scientists and engineers, by L. Fox and D. F.
QA300 .H139                              1967
    Hafstrom, John Edward.
    Introduction to analysis and abstract algebra.
QA300 .H642                              1956
    Hildebrand, Francis Begnaud.
    Introduction to numerical analysis.
QA300 .R193                              1968
    Randolph, John Adams Fitz, 1904-
    Basic real and abstract analysis [by] John F. Randolph.
QA300 .S755                              1963
    Spiegel, Murray R.
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of advanced calculus / by Murray
    R. Spiegel. Theory and problems of advanced calculus
    Advanced calculus
QA303 .M714 PT.1                         1966
    Moise, Edwin E.
    Calculus [by] Edwin E. Moise.
QA303 .M714 PT.2                         1966
    Moise, Edwin E.
    Calculus [by] Edwin E. Moise.
QA303 .P985                              1965
    Purcell, Edwin J. (Edwin Joseph), 1901-
    Calculus, with analytic geometry / [by] Edwin J. Purcell.
QA303 .S683                              1939
    Sokolnikoff, Ivan Stephen, 1901-
    Advanced calculus / by Ivan S. Sokolnikoff. 1st ed.
QA303 .T456T                             1967
    Thomas, George Brinton, 1914-
    Elements of calculus and analytic geometry [by] George B. Thomas, Jr.
    Rev. ed.
QA315 .M636                              1965
    Mikhlin, S. G. (Solomon Grigor*evich), 1908-
    The problem of the minimum of a quadratic functional [by] S.G. Mikhlin.
    Translated by A. Feinstein.
QA320 .H465                              1967
    Heider, Lester J. (Lester Joseph), 1913-
    Theoretical analysis [by] Lester J. Heider [and] James E. Simpson.
QA322 .H194                              1967
    Halmos, Paul R. (Paul Richard), 1916-
    A Hilbert space problem book [by] Paul R. Halmos.
QA331 .M174                              1962
    MacRobert, Thomas Murray, 1884-1962.
    Functions of a complex variable / by Thomas M. MacRobert. 5th ed.
QA331.5 .K89 1991                        1991
    Krantz, Steven G. (Steven George), 1951-
    Real analysis and foundations / Steven G. Krantz.
QA331.5 .S755                            1969
    Spiegel, Murray R.
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of real variables; Lebesgue
    measure and integration with applications to Fourier series, by Murray R.
QA343 .M346                              1966
    Markushevich, A. I. (Alekse*i Ivanovich), 1908-
    The remarkable sine functions / by A.I. Markushevich ; translated by
    Scripta Technica, inc. ; translation editor: Leon Ehrenpreis.
QA351 .L954 V.1                          1969
    Luke, Yudell L.
    The special functions and their approximations [by] Yudell L. Luke.
QA351 .L954 V.2                          1969
    Luke, Yudell L.
    The special functions and their approximations [by] Yudell L. Luke.
QA351 .R159                              1960
    Rainville, Earl David, 1907-
    Special functions.
QA371 .A985                              1952
    Ayres, Frank, 1901-
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of differential equations / by
    Frank Ayres, Jr.
QA371 .C697                              1960
    Collatz, Lothar, 1910-
    The numerical treatment of differential equations / by Dr. Lothar Collatz.
    3d ed. / Translated from a supplemented version of the 2d German ed. by P.
    G. Williams.
QA372 .K29                               1968
    Keller, Herbert Bishop.
    Numerical methods for two-point boundary-value problems [by] Herbert B.
QA377 .V948                              1969
    Von Rosenberg, Dale U., 1928-
    Methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations, by
    Dale U. von Rosenberg.
QA402.3 .L313                            1967
    Lapidus, Leon.
    Optimal control of engineering processes [by] Leon Lapidus [and] Rein
QA402.5 .W671O                           1964
    Wilde, Douglass J.
    Optimum seeking methods.
QA403 .B796                              1965
    Bracewell, Ronald Newbold, 1921-
    The Fourier transform and its applications [by] Ron Bracewell.
QA403.3 .A528 1997                       1998
    AMS Special Session on Wavelets, Multiwavelets, and Their Applications
    (1997 : San Diego, Calif.)
    Wavelets, multiwavelets, and their applications : AMS Special Session on
    Wavelets, Multiwavelets, and Their Applications, January, 1997, San Diego,
QA465 .N337 1994                         1994
    NCSL information manual : determining and reporting measurement
    uncertainties : recommended practice : RP-12 / prepared by the Ad Hoc
    Committee on Measurement Uncertainties, National Conference of Standards
    Laboratories.  1st ed.
QA551 .S528                              1965
    Shanks, Merrill E., 1911-
    Pre-calculus mathematics.
QA567 .F521 1992                         1992
    Fiorot, J. Ch.
    Rational curves and surfaces : applications to CAD / J.C. Fiorot and P.
    Jeannin ; translated by M.C. Harrison.
QA851 .K84                               1967
    Korenev, Georgi*i Vasil'evich.
    The mechanics of guided bodies, [by] G. V. Korenev; tr. by Scripta
    Technica Ltd.; ed. by S. C. Dunn.
QA862.G9 G813                            1966
    Greenhill, G. (George), Sir, 1847-1927.
    Gyroscopic theory, by G. Greenhill.
QA920 .R646                              1967
    Roberts, Paul Harry.
    An introduction to magnetohydrodynamics [by] P. H. Roberts.
QA929 .L157                              1969
    Ladyzhenskaia, O. A. (Olga Aleksandrovna)
    The mathematical theory of viscous incompressible flow / O.A.
    2nd English ed., rev. and enl. /translated from the Russian by Richard A.
    Silverman and John Chu.
QA935 .F646                              1960
    Fl*ugge, Wilhelm, 1904-
    Stresses in shells.
QA935 .H589                              1946
    Het*enyi, Mikl*os Imre, 1906-
    Beams on elastic foundation; theory with applications in the fields of
    civil and mechanical engineering, by M. Het*enyi.
QB355 .D814                              1961
    Dub*i*ago, A. D.
    The determination of orbits. Translated from the Russian by R.D. Burke
    [and others].
QC786 .F412                              1966
    Ferziger, Joel H.
    The theory of neutron slowing down in nuclear reactors, by Joel H.
    Ferziger and P.F. Zweifel. [1st ed.].
RA645.5 .C554 1998                       1998
    Christen, Hank T.
    The EMS Incident Management System : EMS operations for mass casualty and
    high impact incidents / Hank T. Christen, Paul M. Maniscalco.
    At head of title: Brady
TA160.4 .D598 1987                       1987
    Directions in engineering research : an assessment of opportunities and
    needs / report of the Engineering Research Board, Commission on
    Engineering and Technical Systems, National Research Council.
TA168 .W984                              1967
    Wymore, A. Wayne
    A mathematical theory of systems engineering ; The elements. /
    1977 reprint 1967
TC145 .R863                              1950
    Rouse, Hunter, 1906-
    Engineering hydraulics; proceedings of the fourth Hydraulics Conference,
    Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, June 12-15, 1949.
TH9182.N277 1995                         1988
    Guide for proper use of system smoke detectors.
TH9182.N277D 1995(772361.1)              1987
    Guide for proper use of smoke detectors in duct applications.
    1987-88 ed.
TJ214 .J66                               1963
    Johnson, Eric R.
TJ216 .W755                                 1960
    Principles of Feedback Control
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