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 QA76.6 .K74 1997 V.1                     1997
    Knuth, Donald Ervin, 1938-
    The art of computer programming / Donald E. Knuth. 3rd ed.

 QA76.6 .K74 1997 V.2                     1997
    Knuth, Donald Ervin, 1938-
    The art of computer programming / Donald E. Knuth. 3rd ed.

 QA76.6 .K74 1997 V.3                     1997
    Knuth, Donald Ervin, 1938-
    The art of computer programming / Donald E. Knuth. 3rd ed.

 QB54 .S529 1999                          1999
    Shapiro, Robert, 1935-
    Planetary dreams : the quest to discover life beyond Earth / Robert

 QC411 .T647                              1960
    Tolansky, S. (Samuel)
    Surface microtopography.

 QC413 .F114                              1968
    Fabelinski*i, I. L. (Immanuil Lazarevich)
    Molecular scattering of light, by Immanuil L. Fabelinskii. Translated from
    Russian, by Robert T. Beyer.

 QC446.2 .N544 1992                       1992
    Newell, Alan C., 1941-
    Nonlinear optics / Alan C. Newell, Jerome V. Moloney.

 QC449 .C699                              1971
    Collier, Robert Jacob, 1926-
    Optical holography [by] Robert J. Collier, Christoph B. Burckhardt [and]
    Lawrence H. Lin.

 QC449 .S649 1975                         1975
    Smith, Howard Michael, 1938-
    Principles of holography / Howard M. Smith. 2d ed.

 QC451 .B435                              1972
    Bell, Robert John, 1934-
    Introductory Fourier transform spectroscopy / Robert John Bell.

 QC451 .H319                              1948
    Harrison, George Russell, 1898-
    Practical spectroscopy, by George R. Harrison, Richard C. Lord [and] John
    R. Loofbourow.

 QC451 .W584                              1968
    White, Frederick Andrew, 1918-
    Mass spectrometry in science and technology [by] F. A. White.

 QC453 .W974                              1963
    American Society for Testing and Materials. Committee E-14 on Mass
    Spectrometry. Subcommittee IV on Data and Information Problems.
    Index of mass spectral data, listed by molecular weight and the four
    strongest peaks. Sponsored by ASTM Committee E-14 on Mass Spectrometry.
    Prepared under the direction of L. E. Kuentzel.
    1st ed.

 QC454 .L3 L343 1993                      1993
    Laser Institute of America. Laser Safety Committee.
    Laser safety guide / prepared by LIA Laser Safety Committee ; edited by
    David H. Sliney. 9th ed.

 QC454 .L3 L343 1993                      1993
    Laser Institute of America. Laser Safety Committee.
    Laser safety guide / prepared by LIA Laser Safety Committee ; edited by
    David H. Sliney. 9th ed.

 QC454 .R325                              1968
    NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mass Spectrometry, 2d, University of
    Glasgow, 1966.
    Modern aspects of mass spectrometry; proceedings. Edited by Rowland I.

 QC457 .H838                              1966
    Houghton, John Theodore.
    Infra-red physics [by] J.T. Houghton and S.D. Smith.

 QC457 .M528                              1963
    Meloan, Clifton E.
    Elementary infrared spectroscopy.

 QC457 .N163                              1963
    Nakamoto, Kazuo, 1922-
    Infrared spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds.

 QC477 .F643                              1967
    Fluorescence: theory, instrumentation, and practice, edited by George G.

 QC481 .B878                              1966
    Brown, James Graham.
    X-rays and their applications [by] J. G. Brown. [U.S. ed.]

 QC481 .C593                              1955
    Clark, George L. (George Lindenberg), 1892-
    Applied X-rays. 4th ed.

 QC482 .G964                              1963
    Guinier, Andr*e.
    X-ray studies of materials [by] A. Guinier [and] D.L. Dexter.

 QC485 .F911 1989                         1989
    Friedlander, Michael W.
    Cosmic rays / Michael W. Friedlander.

 QC518 .S431 1966                         1966
    Scott, William T. (William Taussig), 1916-
    The physics of electricity and magnetism / William Taussig Scott.
    2nd ed.

 QC601 .D316                              1955
    De France, Joseph J
    Direct current fundamentals. 2d ed.

 QC611 .L989                              1969
    Lynton, E. A. (Ernest Albert)
    Superconductivity [by] E. A. Lynton. 3rd ed.

 QC611 .W855 1989                         1989
    Wolfe, Charles M.
    Physical properties of semiconductors / Charles M. Wolfe, Nick Holonyak,
    Jr., Gregory E. Stillman.

 QC661 .K91                               1953
    Kraus, John Daniel, 1910-
    Electromagnetics. 1st ed.

 QC670 .J61                               1966
    Jefimenko, Oleg D.
    Electricity and magnetism; an introduction to the theory of electric and
    magnetic fields [by] Oleg D. Jefimenko.

 QC718 .M358                              1968
    Marr, Geoffrey V.
    Plasma spectroscopy / [by] Geoffrey V. Marr.

 QC718 .S967                              1965
    Sutton, George Walter, 1927-
    Engineering magnetohydrodynamics [by] George W. Sutton [and] Arthur

 QC721 .G247                              1966
    Gasiorowicz, Stephen.
    Elementary particle physics.

 QC721 .H473                              1966
    Heisenberg, Werner, 1901-1976
    Introduction to the unified field theory of elementary particles  / W.

 QC721 .R888                              1968
    Roy, R. R. (Radha Raman), 1921-
    Interactions of photons and leptons with matter [by] R. R. Roy [and]
    Robert D. Reed.

 QC753 .A547                              1968
    Anderson, J. C. (Joseph Chapman), 1922-
    Magnetism and magnetic materials [by] J. C. Anderson.

 QC753.2 .J61 1991                        1991
    Jiles, David.
    Introduction to magnetism and magnetic materials / David Jiles.
    1st ed.

 QC760 .F628                              1979
    Flock, Warren L.
    Electromagnetics and the environment : remote sensing and
    telecommunications / Warren L. Flock.

 QC762 .M196 1992                         1992
    Magnetic resonance microscopy : methods and application in materials
    science agriculture and biomedicine / edited by Bernhard Bl*umich,
    Winfried Kuhn.

 QC795 .C748                              1958
    National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Nuclear Science.
    Measurements and standards of radioactivity; proceedings of an informal
    conference, Easton, Maryland, October 9-11, 1957. [Organized by the]
    Subcommittee on Measurements and Standards of Radioactivity. [Edited by W.
    C. Peacock, and others]

 QC809.M3 S989                            1964
    Symposium on the Engineering Aspects of Magnetohydrodynamics (3rd : 1962 :
    University of Rochester)
    Engineering aspects of magnetohydrodynamics; [proceedings] edited by
    Norman W. Mather and George W. Sutton.

 QC866 .D635                              1968
    Dobson, G. M. B. (Gordon Miller Bourne), 1889-
    Exploring the atmosphere [by] G. M. B. Dobson. 2nd ed.

 QC921.5 .F613                            1962
    Fletcher, Neville Horner.
    The physics of rainclouds. With an introductory chapter by P. Squires. And
    a foreword by E. G. Bowen.
    Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1962.

 QC945 .E49 1999                          1999
    Elsner, James B.
    Hurricanes of the North Atlantic : climate and society / James B. Elsner,
    A. Birol Kara.

 QC961 .H477                              1968
    Hellman, Hal, 1927-
    Light and electricity in the atmosphere [by] Hal Hellman. Illus. by the

 QC966.7 .B279                            1980
    Barry, James Dale.
    Ball lightning and bead lightning : extreme forms of atmospheric
    electricity / James Dale Barry.

 QD33 .M888                               1967
    Mortimer, Charles E.
    Chemistry; a conceptual approach [by] Charles E. Mortimer.

 QD45 .B427                               1960
    Belcher, Ronald.
    Quantitative inorganic analysis, by R. Belcher and A. J. Nutten.
    2d ed.

 QD51 .N277P                              1981
    Prudent practices for handling hazardous chemicals in laboratories /
    Committee on Hazardous Substances in the Laboratory, Assembly of
    Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council.

 QD63 .S55                                1967
    Summer Symposium on Analytical Chemistry 19th, University of Alberta,
    Separation techniques in chemistry and biochemistry, edited by Roy A.

 QD75.2 .G946 1988                        1988
    A guide to materials characterization and chemical analysis / edited by
    John P. Sibilia.

 QD79.C454 R943                           1981
    Runser, Dennis J.
    Maintaining and troubleshooting HPLC systems : a user's guide / Dennis J.

 QD95 .B166 1972                          1972
    Baker, Arthur D.
    Photoelectron spectroscopy: chemical and analytical aspects [by] A. D.
    Baker and D. Betteridge. [1st ed.]

 QD95 .B864                               1943
    Brode, Wallace Reed, 1900-
    Chemical spectroscopy, by Wallace R. Brode ... 2d ed.

 QD96.I5 G855                             1986
    Griffiths, Peter R., 1942-
    Fourier transform infrared spectrometry / Peter R. Griffiths, James A. de

 QD115 .L123                              1984
    Laboratory techniques in electroanalytical chemistry / editors, Peter T.
    Kissinger, William R. Heineman.

 QD142 .W314 V.1                          1982
    Water analysis / edited by Roger A. Minear, Lawrence H. Keith.

 QD142 .W314 V.2,PT.2                     1982
    Water analysis / edited by Roger A. Minear, Lawrence H. Keith.

 QD169.W3 N165 1979                       1979
    Nalco Chemical Company.
    The NALCO water handbook / Nalco Chemical Company ; Frank N. Kemmer,
    editor-in-chief ; John McCallion, associate editor.

QD181.H4 L722                            1959
    Lifshi*t*s, E. M. (Evgeni*i Mikha*ilovich)
    A supplement to "Helium." [By] E. M. Lifshits [and] E. L. Andronikashvili.
    Translated from Russian.

 QD181.N1 B655                            1952
    Bloomer, Oscar Theodore, 1923-
    Thermodynamic properties of nitrogen, by O. T. Bloomer [and] K. N. Rao.

 QD181.O1 A677                            1965
    Ardon, Michael, 1928-
    Oxygen: elementary forms and hydrogen peroxide.

 QD181.S1 N632                            1968
    Nickless, Graham.
    Inorganic sulphur chemistry / edited by G. Nickless.

 QD271 .G662                              1964
    Gordon, A. H.
    Practical chromatographic techniques / by A.H. Gordon and J.E. Eastoe.
    Princeton, N.J. : Van Nostrand, 1964.

 QD271 .H461                              1967
    Heftmann, Erich.
    Chromatography / Erich Heftmann. 2nd ed.

QD291 .R221
    Handbook of tables for organic compound identification 3rd edition

 QD381.8 .H492 1984                       1984
    Hemsley, D. A. (Derek A.)
    The light microscopy of synthetic polymers / D.A. Hemsley.
    Oxford [England] ; New York : Oxford University Press ; Oxford [England] :
    Royal Microscopical Society, 1984.

 QD453 .D186P 1975                        1975
    Daniels, Farrington, 1889-1972.
    Physical chemistry [by] Farrington Daniels [and] Robert A. Alberty. 4th ed.

 QD456 .M596                              1976
    Metz, Clyde R.
    Schaum's outline of theory and problems of physical chemistry / by Clyde
    R. Metz.

QE501 .J46                               1962
    Jeffreys, Harold, Sir, 1891-
    The earth : its origin, history and physical constitution / Sir Harold
    Jeffreys. 4th ed. [reprinted with additions]

 QE531 .G846                              1975
    Gribbin, John R.
    The Jupiter effect / John R. Gribbin and Stephen H. Plagemann.

 QE862.S8 E19 1986                        1986
    The Ecology and biology of mammal-like reptiles / Nicholas Hotton III ...
    [et al.] editors.

 QH231 .G781                              1964
    Gray, Peter, 1908-
    Handbook of basic microtechnique. 3d ed.

 QH308 .P719                              1967
    Platt, Robert B.
    Bioscience [by] Robert B. Platt and George K. Reid. Illus. by Charles W.

 QH366.2 .F996 1986                       1986
    Futuyma, Douglas J., 1942-
    Evolutionary biology / Douglas J. Futuyma. 2nd ed.

 QH541 .G562 1989                         1989
    Global ecology : towards a science of the biosphere / edited by Mitchell
    B. Rambler, Lynn Margulis, Ren*e Fester.

 QH541 .W531                              1985
    Westman, Walter E., 1945-
    Ecology, impact assessment, and environmental planning / Walter E. Westman.

 QH541.15.M3 J47 1988                     1989
    Jeffries, Clark.
    Mathematical modeling in ecology : a workbook for students / Clark Jeffries.

 QH541.5.M3 S183 1990                     1990
    Salvesen, David.
    Wetlands : mitigating and regulating development impacts / David Salvesen.

 QH541.5.S3 N476 1989                     1989
    Network analysis in marine ecology : methods and applications / F. Wulff,
    J.G. Field, K.H. Mann (eds.)

 QH543.3 .A598 1992                       1992
    Animal dispersal : small mammals as a model / edited by Nils Chr. Stenseth
    and William Z. Lidicker, Jr.

 QH545.P4 E26 1974                        1973
    Edwards, C. A. (Clive Arthur), 1925-
    Persistent pesticides in the environment [by] C. A. Edwards. 2d ed.

 QH545 .W3 E81                            1978
    Estimating the hazard of chemical substances to aquatic life / sponsored
    by ASTM Committee D-19 on Water, American Society for Testing and
    Materials ; John Cairns, Jr., K. L. Dickson, A. W. Maki, editors.

 QK564 .N279                              1964
    NATO Advanced Study Institute (1962 : Louisville, Ky.)
    Algae and man. Edited by Daniel F. Jackson.

 QK564.3 .A394D 1986                      1987
    Algal development : molecular and cellular aspects / edited by W.
    Wiessner, D.G. Robinson, and R.C. Starr.

 QK661 .B572 1994                         1994
    Bewley, J. Derek, 1943-
    Seeds : physiology of development and germination / J. Derek Bewley and
    Michael Black. 2nd ed.

 QK711.2 .A244 1984                       1984
    Advanced plant physiology / edited by Malcolm B. Wilkins.

QK861 .M592 V.2                          1990
    Carbohydrates / edited by P.M. Dey.

 QK861 .M592 V.3                          1990
    Enzymes of primary metabolism / edited by P.J. Lea.

 QK871 .K89 1969                          1969
    Kramer, Paul Jackson, 1904-
    Plant & soil water relationships; a modern synthesis [by] Paul J. Kramer.

 QK981.45 .D629 1995                      1995
    DNA fingerprinting in plants and fungi / Kurt Weising ... [et al.].

 QL464 .L523                              1979
    Lehmkuhl, Dennis M.
    How to know the aquatic insects / Dennis M. Lehmkuhl.

 QL713.2 .U58 1999                        1999
    United States. Marine Mammal Commission.
    Marine mammals and persistent ocean contaminants : proceedings of the
    Marine Mammal Commission Workshop, Keystone, Colorado, 12-15 October 1998
    / edited by Thomas J. O'Shea, Randall R. Reeves, Alison Kirk Long.

 SB123.57 .L193 1989                      1989
    Lal, Rup, 1953-
    Crop improvement utilizing biotechnology / authors, Rup Lal, Sukanya Lal.

 SB608.V4 S551 1986                       1986
    Sherf, Arden F.
    Vegetable diseases and their control / Arden F. Sherf, Alan A. MacNab. 2nd ed.

 SH156 .N976 1985                         1985
    Nutrition and feeding in fish / edited by C.B. Cowey, A.M. Mackie, and
    J.G. Bell.

 T56 .F959                                1963
    Fuhro, Wilbur J.
    Work measurement and production control with the F-A-S-T system.

 TA406.7 .S989                            1963
    Symposium on "Ultrafine Particles," (1961 : Indianapolis)
    Ultrafine particles / Editor-in-chief: W. E. Kuhn; consulting editors:
    Headlee Lamprey [and] Charles Sheer. Sponsored by the Electrothermics and
    Metallurgy Division, the Electrochemical Society.

 TA455.C43 B627 1989                      1989
    Blachere, J. R.
    High temperature corrosion of ceramics / by J.R. Blachere, F.S. Pettit.

 TA455.P58 P715 1990                      1990
    Plasma polymerization and plasma interactions with polymeric materials :
    proceedings of the Symposium on Plasma Polymerization and Plasma
    Interactions with Polymeric Materials, held at the ACS 199th National
    Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, April 1990 / editor, H.K. Yasuda.

 TA455.P58 S521 1987                      1987
    Seymour, Raymond Benedict, 1912-
    Polymers for engineering applications / Raymond B. Seymour.

 TS277 .Z35 1999                          1999
    Zappe, R. W., 1912-
    Valve selection handbook : engineering fundamentals for selecting manual
    valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, and rupture discs / R.W.
    Zappe.  4th ed.

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