GS-1410-14 Supervisory Librarian, Information Architecture Division

Job Title: Supervisory Librarian
Department: Department Of Defense
Agency: National Defense University, Washington, D.C.
Job Announcement Number: NDU-59-10
SALARY RANGE: 105,211.00 - 136,771.00 USD /year
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1410-14
OPEN PERIOD: Friday, March 26, 2010 to Friday, April 09, 2010
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*       Responsible for planning, coordinating, managing the ongoing activities and operations of Information Architecture Division for the National Defense University Library including acquisitions, cataloging, serials, database maintenance, digitization and technical services-related online system management.

*       Planning, directing and reviewing the operations of Automation and Technical Services which requires advance knowledge of the theories and techniques employed in the operation of a large automated academic/research library utilizing international information/bibliographic networks and substantial knowledge of social and military sciences.

*       Providing leadership in the identification and deployment of the latest digital access methods and in the creation an architecture of access points to scholarly resources in all formats needed by the university community.

*       Maintaining and developing the library's computer systems using a broad range of software and hardware technologies. This entails working collaboratively with the library staff and faculty, the CIO organization , and members of the university faculty to envision and implement appropriate electronic products and services.

*       Utilizes an advance knowledge of management techniques in order to develop innovative approaches to budgeting, recruiting and training a highly specialized changing workforce in a era of expanding services, limited resources and rapid change.

*       Makes recommendations designed to ensure that program plans are consistent with continuing requirements changes of university staff, faculty, agencies and activities.

All inquires, please contact--
Joel Schielie
Phone: 317-510-7218

Best regards,

Meg Tulloch
Library Director
National Defense University Library