Myth 1: Mentoring and coaching are labor intensive and I don’t have the time.


At the beginning of any mentoring/coaching relationship the people involved establish how often they will meet/communicate, but ultimately the mentor controls this aspect.  In many cases mentors only meet with their mentees every couple of weeks, once a month, every other month or even once a quarter.


Myth 2:  I don’t live near most federal employees so I can’t meet face-to-face with people; therefore, I can’t be a mentor or coach.


Communications today enable people to meet and work together via phone, email, IM, texting, Facebook, Linkedin, Skype, Twitter, and Second Life.  It is very possible to develop a mentoring/coaching relationship between people who are many time zones apart.


Myth 3:  Although I work in a federal library or information center my interests and/or field of expertise is Knowledge Management or Systems; therefore there is no place for me in the FLICC program.


The FLICC Mentoring/Coaching program is designed for people who either work in, are seriously interested in working in, or could qualify by education and experience to work in federal libraries or information centers (even if they are currently working in a federal job series outside of the 1400 series), or who work outside the government.  The different professional interests and fields of expertise of potential participants in this program are a valuable and welcome part of the mix.


Myth 4:  As a contractor in a federal library or information center, I’m not eligible for this program.


Yes you are!  You are a part of the FLICC community and may join in this program a mentor, coach, mentee or protégé.


Myth 5:  If I join this program asking to be mentored or coached, I will get a job in a federal library or information center.


The FLICC Mentoring/Coaching Program is not a job placement (or career progression) program.  Self development can improve one’s chances for succeeding in the work world but this program cannot guarantee that anyone will be hired or promoted based on their participation.  For those wishing to become federal librarians, the program will try to provide broad guidelines and advice on the federal hiring process, as well as realistic explanations as to the roadblocks that stand in the way of a career in federal libraries and information centers or related fields.


Myth 6: Anyone who reads or hears about this program can join in. 


FLICC is a membership organization and much of the work of FLICC is done by volunteers who are associated with FLICC through their positions in federal libraries and information centers. This program is designed to support people who are either a part of the FLICC community or seriously interested and potentially qualified to become a part of FLICC community. FLICC does not have the manpower or the mandate to open this program to all federal employees or to support people interested in being hired into any federal government position.


Myth 7:  I have to take the FLICC Mentoring/Coaching Workshop before I can be a mentor or coach.


The FLICC Mentoring Coaching Workshop is not a requirement to be a FLICC mentor or coach.  It is something we offer to those who are curious, interested or who have questions or concerns about being a mentor or coach.


If you have any questions, please contact me at:

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Carol E. Ramkey

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