Focus on Native Americans
        no. 10-01

        Date:  Winter/Spring 2010

        Native American titles added to the NLS collection

        In fiscal year 2009 NLS added twenty-four titles to its Native American
        collection, which includes folklore, history, mythology, fiction, and
        works by Native American authors. This annual listing of titles is a
        finding aid for network librarians. All books are available in the formats
        noted below and will be announced in __Braille Book Review or Talking
        Book Topics__. The titles in braille will also be available to registered
        users through Web-Braille. Assigned book numbers are given with the
        title if available at the time of listing. Please note that some of the titles
        on the list are still in process. Also note that digital books (DB) are now
        being offered. A title that is available as both a digital book (DB) and a
        recorded cassette (RC) has the same book number for both formats and
        uses the prefix DB/RC. Some digital titles may be available only for

        Aveni, Anthony, F.
        The First Americans: The Story of Where They
        Came From and Who They Became.  DB/RC 67898.

        Bruchac, Joseph. The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native
        American Folktales. DB/RC 68851 in process.

        Girod, Christina M. Native Americans of the Southeast.
        DB/RC 52373.

        Goble, Paul. Iktomi and the Boulder: A Plains Indian Story.
        DB/RC 30039.

        Grace, Catherine O'Neill, and Margaret M. Bruchac. 1621: A New
        Look at Thanksgiving. DB/RC 66401 (DB in process).

        Gutman, Dan. Jim and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure. DB/RC 69022
        in process.

        Kallen, Stuart A. Native Americans of the Southwest. DB/RC 52384.

        Nardo, Don. Early Native North Americans. DB/RC 68722 in process.

        TEEN BOOKS
        Cox, Clinton. The Forgotten Heroes: The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers
        DB/RC 50051.
        Do All Indians Live in Tipis? Questions and Answers from the
        National Museum of the American Indian. DB/RC 66795, BR 17919
        in process.

        Gear, W. Michael, and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. People of the Weeping
        Eye. DB/RC 67005 (DB in process).

        Alexie, Sherman. Reservation Blues. DB/RC 41962.

        Brandon, William. The Last Americans: The Indian in American Culture.
        DB/RC 15432.

        Coel, Margaret. Blood Memory. DB/RC 67820.

        Erdrich, Louise. The Plague of Doves. DB/RC 66886.
        The Porcupine Year. DB/RC 68022 (RC in process).

        Hogan, Linda. People of the Whale: A Novel. DB/RC 68273
        (DB in process).

        Jacoby, Karl. Shadows at Dawn: A Borderlands Massacre and the
        Violence of History. DB/RC 68416 (RC in process).

        Kennedy, Frances H., ed. American Indian Places: A Historical
        Guidebook. DB/RC 68073.

        Kupperman, Karen Ordahl. The Jamestown Project. BR 17401.

        Matthiessen, Peter. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse. DB/RC 19138.

        Porter, Donald Clayton. Apache. DB/RC 49866. A prequel to Spirit
        Knife RC 38230. White Indian series, Book 14.

        Silver, Peter Rhoads. Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War
        Transformed Early America. DB/RC 67329.

        The American Indian Library Association (AILA) announces the
        recipients of its American Indian Youth Literature Awards for 2010. The
        awards will be presented during the American Library Association's
        June 2010 annual conference in Washington, D.C. The winners are:

        Best Picture Book: King, Thomas. Coyote Solstice Tale.

        Best Middle School Book: Simermeyer, Genevieve. Meet
        Christopher: An Osage Indian Boy from Oklahoma. DB/RC in

        Best Young Adult Book: McGregor, Lurline Wailana. Between the
        Deep Blue Sea and Me: A Novel.