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<If someone else wants to do a series record, they can do that.>

I heartily agree. Our patrons (and I think many other public library
patrons) think of such series-like phrases as series. We do establish
a number of SARs for this type of "phrase" because it allows our
patrons yet another access point in addition to character headings.
The next generation online catalogs (of which we have one) highlight
series as a way to refine a search. As more and more libraries
upgrade to these "discovery" types of online catalogs series records,
no matter what the type, will be appreciated by the users.

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No reason you are required to make a series record or provide the
as an access point.  Just record it as an untraced series and be done
it.  If someone else wants to do a series record, they can do that.

490 0  An Hercule Poirot mystery

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On Thu,

> Is there a rule regarding phrases like
>      An Hercule Poirot mystery
> It seems like a lot of work to make series records for not a lot of return, especially when there are character
> headings available.
> --
> John Lavalie
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