Hi Magda

I'd like to propose an action item for SD3 Support Efforts to Increase 
Interoperability of records...

Our controlled subject vocabulary and associated classification numbers 
is one of our greatest strengths and achievements. Yet the process of 
submitting a proposal seems to be more cumbersome than it need be and 
has long been considered a barrier to participation in the SACO program. 
Streamling the proposal process has been studied in the past and the 
procedures have become easier. However, there still seems to be a way to 
go and perhaps new system developments and improved automation have 
changed the environment enough so that the PCC could take another look 
at the workflow. Although there is an online submission form, submitting 
SACO proposals still feels like a manual process with redundant keying, 
layers of local and LC review, difficulties in integrating into local 
workflows and lost headings because there doesn't seem to be a fully 
effective automated tracking process.

I applaud the fact that one of our core values is the "willingness to 
work in shared files." I urge us to look again at using OCLC with its 
efficiencies of shared save files and macros or some other solution. 
This would also facilitate the adaptation of subject metadata from 
non-library sources. Our inability to even cope with diacritics in an 
efficient way, e.g., keying Kam(macron)anche), limits our productivity 
and our credibility with other communities.

Thanks for listening--

> PCC members,
> The Policy Committee members spent the majority of last November’s 
> meeting discussing what should be included in a new Strategic 
> Directions document that succeeds the 2006-2010 version. A subgroup of 
> three of us was then formed to produce a new set of Strategic 
> Directions that you now see posted at
> . The effort to 
> develop these also led to a revision of the PCC’s mission statement 
> and values statement, as well as a new vision statement. We invite 
> your thoughts and comments on these.
> The next step in the process will be developing clear and 
> implementable action items to be associated with each of the strategic 
> directions. The Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and 
> Training have been charged to develop these. The BIBCO and CONSER 
> Coordinators will work with the standing committees to develop these 
> as well as map current activities to the strategic directions. If you 
> have ideas for action items you think the PCC should pursue, please 
> bring them to our attention by April 12. The PCC Policy Committee will 
> be responsible for what is ultimately included.
> At the Policy Committee meeting each year, a regular feature will be 
> reviewing the progress on that year’s action items, refreshing the 
> strategic directions with new action items for the upcoming year, and 
> making revisions to the strategic directions as warranted.
> On behalf of the Policy Committee, we thank you for your contributions
> to the PCC and invite you to help shape its future direction..
> Magda El-Sherbini
> John Riemer
> Dianne McCutcheon
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