Dear NACO colleagues,
No doubt you all have been more diligent than I about keeping up with the documentation, but just in case any of you might also not have been aware, I offer this cautionary tale.
--Greg Wool, Iowa State Univ.

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Subject: IaAS authority record rejected by LC's system due to Eszett

Dear Mr. Wool,

The record pasted below has been rejected by LC's system due to the Eszett in Field 670. I hope you will share this message with your NACO colleagues.

You may have noticed in OCLC Technical Bulletin 252 that the Eszett can now be used when entering bibliographic records.  

However, the note above the Extended Latin Table mentions "Participants in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO) should follow PCC practices for these characters. For more information, see Library of Congress Usage of New MARC 21 Characters Plus Processing Implications on the web at: " 

LC has not yet implemented the Eszett and if you look at p. 11 of the .pdf document you will see it states under Use in Authority Records (LC and NACO): "Do not use, substitute "ss" for Eszett."

I have had to recreate this record using the correct characters since authority records can only be added once. Consequently the record below had to be deleted - which means IaAS will not get credited with this in the statistics kept by PCC.

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ARN:oca08404143   LCCN: no2010031339  Status: RejectedByLC  creation: 20100223 00:00:00.000  updated: 20100224 00:00:00.000
  Main Entry: 100 1  Simon, Jürgen, $c Dr. rer. nat. 

  Sent: 20100223 00:00:00.000  /lcauthority/xwc/LCSEND.100223.XML
  Rejected: 20100224 00:00:00.000  file: /lcauthority/d20100224.resp.records
  Note: 20100224 00:00:00.000 - Rejected by LC - Error 1. (EP1) Illegal characters tag=670
  Note: 20100224 00:00:00.000 - Rejected by LC - 0100
  Note: 20100223 00:00:00.000 - Sent to LC - 20100223 00:00:00.000

  Orig record data: 
ARN:   8404143
Rec stat:     n      Entered:      100223        
Type:     z      Upd status:  a      Enc lvl:   n      Source:   c
Roman:    |      Ref status:  n      Mod rec:          Name use: a
Govt agn: |      Auth status: a      Subj:      a      Subj use: a
Series:   n      Auth/ref:    a      Geo subd:  n      Ser use:  b
Ser num:  n      Name:        a      Subdiv tp: n      Rules:    c
1 001    oca08404143 
2 010    no2010031339 
3 040    IaAS $b eng $c IaAS 
4 100 1  Simon, Jürgen, $c Dr. rer. nat. 
5 670    Jander, G. Maßanalyse, 2009: $b t.p. (Jürgen Simon) verso (Dr. rer. nat.)