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This a problem with Mongolia but probably applies to other countries as well. National Parks as a geographic entity are to be entered in the subject authority file but administrative agencies are NACO corporate body headings. With Mongolia, purely geographic headings use BGN Romanization but corporate body headings use the ALA-LC Romanization table for Mongolian. This frequently results in the National Park and Park administration widely separated alphabetically. An example: Khar Us Nuur National Park in Khovd Aimag which is Хар-Ус Нуурын Байгалийн Цогцолборт Газар in Mongolian and is  Har-Us Nuurïn Baygaliyn Tsogtsolbort Gadzar in BGN Romanization and Khar-Us Nuuryn Baĭgaliĭn TSogtsolbort Gazar in ALA-LC Romanization.


Maybe there is nothing which can be done, but it seems not very user-friendly to separate the entities. The solution, of course, is to have entries in the actual script


What do others think. Is this something which could be addressed by CC:AAM?


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