Re the indicators for parallel titles, I'm confused-- this is on the BSR FAQ:

20. Why does the BSR MAP stipulate 246 31 for parallel titles but the CONSER MAP 246 11? Why use different indicators for the same concept in different formats?
Discussion of this field recently among task force members and PoCo resulted in the recent agreement that in order to promote consistency among formats we recommend changing the BSR parallel record policy to be in conformance with serial practice (i.e., that we would change the BSR for parallel titles to use Field 246 with indicators 11).

Are we now changing the guidelines and going back to 31 for parallel titles?

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Thanks for forwarding this, Rebecca.

The 246:13: was chosen for the BSR as the first indicator 1 = note, and 
second indicator 3 = other title. This usage is for varying titles (not 
to be confused with variant titles on an authority record). The second 
indicator 3 is defined in MARC 21 as "other title" associated with the 
piece item. Using 246:13: for titles other than parallel titles 
indicates that a note and a title added entry are generated from this 
field. Second indicator 3 was chosen as a replacement for use of second 
indicators, 4, 7, 8, etc. For sake of clarity, please note that in the 
BSR print monographs and graphic materials parallel titles are placed in 
a 246:31: field.

I disagree with the use of 246:1#: in the BSRs. Of course, Dave, or any 
other cataloger can use whatever 246s they prefer. But for the BIBCO 
Standard Records I think the 246:13: is the tag that can be used for all 
varying titles appearing either on the item, or associated with the item.

I am in hopes that the 246:#1: will be removed from any BSRs and the 
246:13: be kept for varying titles. As stated the use of 246:31: for 
parallel titles is in the BSR.

Best regards,

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Culbertson, Rebecca wrote:
> Colleagues-
> Attached is the consolidated comments for the Vis Graphic Materials. A 
> couple things to note here:
> 1. I added the 007 for microforms, but am noting that this wasn't part 
> of the original core for graphic materials.
> 2. Clip from an email from Dave today. I have to confess that I still 
> don't exactly understand how this would affect catalogers and whether 
> we should change.
> "VARIANT TITLES IN 246 FIELD:I want to bring up another issue, the 
> alternative to use 246 indicators "13" when you don't want to use the 
> more appropriate values. To be more correct in MARC, I would like to 
> change to using "1#" as the defaults if you don't use more appropriate 
> values. "3" for "other" is defined as meaning none of the other values 
> are appropriate. This isn't true, there are values that are 
> appropriate, usually, we're just not choosing to use them. That is 
> what value "#" means-- you are not specifying a type.
> I realize this means changing the BOOK BSR, too, but it needs to be 
> opened up again anyway because of other things it looks like we are 
> making standard (e.g., 500 Source of title note *(if other than chief 
> source)*; and 007 field for microform reproductions)"
> I did include Dave's 246 1# in the chart, but does this mean 246 13 or 
> no 246 13?
> 3. Note that the TG includes the 655 as A. I think this is ok for all 
> the AV formats-actually everything except Books at this point? The 
> text in their Labels and notes area is similar to the books BSR, but 
> does allude to genre headings. I like it as is.
> Becky
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