PCC members,

The Policy Committee members spent the majority of last November’s meeting
discussing what should be included in a new Strategic Directions document
that succeeds the 2006-2010 version.  A subgroup of three of us was then
formed to produce a new set of Strategic Directions that you now see posted
at .  The effort to develop
these also led to a revision of the PCC’s mission statement and values
statement, as well as a new vision statement.  We invite your thoughts and
comments on these.

The next step in the process will be developing clear and implementable
action items to be associated with each of the strategic directions.  The
Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and Training have been charged
to develop these. The BIBCO and CONSER Coordinators will work with the
standing committees to develop these as well as map current activities to
the strategic directions. If you have ideas for action items you think the
PCC should pursue, please bring them to our attention by April 12.  The PCC
Policy Committee will be responsible for what is ultimately included.

At the Policy Committee meeting each year, a regular feature will be
reviewing the progress on that year’s action items, refreshing the strategic
directions with new action items for the upcoming year, and making revisions
to the strategic directions as warranted.

On behalf of the Policy Committee, we thank you for your contributions
to the PCC and invite you to help shape its future direction..

Magda El-Sherbini
John Riemer
Dianne McCutcheon

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