Suzuki, Keiko wrote:
> The 2nd and last thing is about Korean spacing issue in 3.2. Robert, could you remind me what is the Mr. Morimoto's comment? We took this part from CONCER App. O (See 5. on p. 3 of except I added "not only descriptive fields and notes, but also headings," to clarify it applies to headings after we consulted LC Korean experts through David. If the addition affected something Mr. Morimoto addressed, then we could surely change the part. But otherwise ...

Keiko, all -

I've attached his original comment.

In his second example, spaces have not been put between the 
Korean-script Korean words because the cataloger apparently figured that 
this 245 field is not covered by the guideline because it does not 
consist "solely" of Korean - it also contains a Japanese parallel 
title.  Which is sort of ridiculous, but I guess that is what you get if 
you take the guideline literally.