Thanks for going through these, Ben.  I think your correction of the 
Persian script for Tehran in the 2.3 260 example is correct.  The only 
problem I see is that the Arabic for Lebanon in the example is 
still scrambled and should be لبنان (if that comes through on e-mail 

On the Persian example in 3.1.1.:

1. Yes, I think the letter zayin is missing.  Also, the two instances of 
-i should be lower-case in the romanization, and I don't think it should 
be followed by a comma in either romanization or original script (we 
don't put a comma in "translated by, Robert Rendall" in English).

2. I think the specific point of this example is that the Persian ending 
represented by -i in romanization gets turned into a final alif on the 
preceding word by the macro, which the cataloger then has to delete 
because this ending is not actually written at all in Persian script.  
But I would want Nora to confirm that.


Fletcher, Peter wrote:
> Thanks Ben, I'll replace the Arabic headings.
> Peter
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> I did my best to fix the Arabic-script examples.  I put them into little tables on this Word file; so hopefully it shouldn't be too much trouble to copy-and-paste them into the real document.  I did not include ISBD punctuation because I'm not sure whether you wanted to use "upside down" commas, etc., or regular ones.  (We seem to be using both at different times in the present document, cf. 2.3 examples vs. 3.1 example.)
> I have a couple questions about the Persian example of bad automated transliteration in 3.1.1 (p. 12):
> 1.  Is there a zayin missing in both the incorrect and correct versions of Sadiq'zadah?  Its kind of hard to tell because the letters got a little scrambled, but it looks like "Sadiq 'adah" right now.
> 2.  Is there are larger point to this example other than "beware of automatic transliteration"?  Could we maybe add a little more explanation?
> I also have another question about a Persian example, the example 260 in 2.3 (p. 4).  I am not a Persianist, but shouldn’t Tehran be something like تهران  ?  Or is its Persian name completely different (á la Jerusalem =القد س  in Arabic?)
> --Ben