Julie, I think this is a good example to add (cat. supplied other title info.). I will add it unless anyone feels otherwise. 


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I would like to make two comments for your consideration

1) 2.5 Headings (optional)

the last sentence in the first paragraph:
"It is recommended that PCC catalogers also supply these uncontrolled forms as variants in authority records as part of NACO."

I support Peter's suggestion to make a stronger statement such as: "PCC catalogers should also supply..." .

2) 2.3 Descriptive fields (245,...)
I suggest to add an example of 245 $b cataloger supplied other title information.  to illustrate 

AACR2 Rule 12.1E1 
c) If the title proper consists solely of the name of a corporate body, conference, etc., supply a brief addition in the language of the title proper as other title information to explain the title.

Such an example will be helpful to further clearly illustrate the guideline 2.3 which says:   "... or other title information is according to the cataloging rules" is applicable even to "cataloger-supplied" data in field 245 (in this case, the other title information as required by the rule".  It also helps to illustrate two different guidelines for "cataloger-supplied" data in descriptive fields and in Headings.

245 10 Zhongguo hua yao qing zhan : $b [mu lu].
245 10 中国画邀请展 : $b [目錄].

245 10 Zhongguo hua yao qing zhan : $b [catalog].