Dear all,
I added a paragraph (see below) to reflect LC practice, which Dave confirmed with their Korean catalogers, in 3.2.2 in the google doc. I hope this clarify the issue. Still, please feel free to edit it if it could be clearer. Thank you.
- Keiko
3.2.2. Input spaces between lexical units in nonroman [non-Latin] fields that consist solely of Korean hangul, or hangul and ideographs, or any ideographs that are romanized as Korean language words not only descriptive fields and notes, but also headings, so that the nonroman [non-Latin] data mirrors the spacing in the parallel romanized fields (which are romanized according to the guidelines in the ALA-LC Romanization Tables). Do not input spaces between characters in nonroman [non-Latin] data that are in Japanese or Chinese scripts representing Japanese or Chinese words. 
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Thank you so much, Dave! I'll work on update 3.2 section for everyone's review. - Keiko
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Although the Korean characters didn't come through on the email below,
the Korean catalogers confirmed that they do insert a space between
surname and given name in the original script fields, either in the
authority 4XX or bib 880.  See LCCN 2009663863 700 field as an example.
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Dear Keiko-- I've sent your question off to our Korean section for an
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Dear Peter, Dave and all,
I know it’s a bit of nit-picking, but I have been wondering about it
although I actually didn’t bring it up when I wrote my comments
earlier. Now I would like to ask the current LC practice about Korean
name headings. Because of the new policy of the spaces in Korean
original script fields, is it the current practice for the LC
to input a space between surname and given name in 1XX, 6XX, * etc. of
original script fields? Such as:
100 1# a , d 1946- (instead of , d 1946-)
100 1# a* **, d 1946- (instead of ***, d 1946-)
100 1# a Ch*oe, Pok-kyu, d 1946-
710 2# a ** ** **.(instead of******)
710 2# a   . (instead of)
710 2# a Han*guk Pangsong Kongsa.
Or does LC insert spaces in the original script description fields,
not headings?
I was just inquired about this issue, and I think we might want to
expand the 3.2 section to clarify and explain it.
Thank you.
- Keiko
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