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Dear Peter and all,

I arrived in Philadelphia a few hours ago for the annual meeting of
Council on East Asian Libraries. So unfortunately, the timing of the
final work for this report is pretty bad for us for East Asia
specialists. I tried to go over, although briefly, and have two

For the attached report: regarding the last bullet about future
authority control of non-Latin headings, the first sentence states "The
optional parallel non-Latin heading fields permitted under these
guidelines are essentially variant headings and  are not under authority
control." I would add "when not included as cross-references." because,
even though it's not authorized form, if the non-Latin headings are in
authority files as x-refs., technically "authority controlled", I think.

## I agree with Diana, that I would not include being cross referenced
equivalent to authority control.

Then the next sentence says "Although even these uncontrolled forms do
enhance access to bibliographic records, ... ", my recommendation to say
"these uncontrolled forms might enhance ... " rather "these uncontrolled
forms do enhance ... ". I understand that they do enhance, but not
enhance in the best way or desirable way. So I kind of prefer to use
"might" ...

## I changed the language to "might enhance" in the report

Also maybe we could add here about the strong recommendation to add
those "uncontrolled forms" to authority files by PCC/NACO catalogers.
Then extend the discussion to future original script authorized
headings? Although I myself have still hard time to envision that, for
example, all of our library users use Chinese or Arabic or Cyrillic
script name headings. But then again, there must be the way to add
non-Latin headings not just as x-ref. but language/script-oriented(?)
authority forms, probably close to the VIAF concept.

## I'm not sure what you are suggesting here. 

The 2nd and last thing is about Korean spacing issue in 3.2. Robert,
could you remind me what is the Mr. Morimoto's comment? We took this
part from CONCER App. O (See 5. on p. 3 of except I
added "not only descriptive fields and notes, but also headings," to
clarify it applies to headings after we consulted LC Korean experts
through David. If the addition affected something Mr. Morimoto
addressed, then we could surely change the part. But otherwise ...

OK, that's it. I have to go now. It would be a bit difficult to work on
this during the conference, which will end Friday (for me), but I'll try
to follow up on the last point if necessary.


- Keiko

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Subject: [PCCTG1] Non-Latin report latest draft

All, I attached the latest draft of the report that will accompany the
guidelines when we submit them next week.

I know you all out there on the East Coast are all gone home by now.
Hope you had a good weekend.


Peter Fletcher
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