One tiny suggestion: the field chart in section 2. breaks across pp. 2-3 in the middle of a row; it would probably be easier to read if the whole chart began at the top of p. 2.

Also the use of ISBD punctuation in r-t-l examples is inconsistent.  In some examples, we are using "normal" punction at the right end of each subfield (e.g. example on p. 4 for Silsilat al-nusus al-qanuniyah) and in other we are using "upside down" punctuation at the left end of the subfield (e.g. Persian example under 3.1.1 on p. 12).


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All, I am attaching a PDF version of the guidelines that I will submit along with the Word version. I think it has preserved the right to left headings examples, so after we submit the documents they can use the PDF to compare the headings to make sure they don't flip in the Word version, etc.

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