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Are you interested in helping Ed Outreach and partners create and
sustain a teacher netowrk?  There is still time to apply. The deadline
is April 28, 2010. Get all the information and the application here: 

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(repeat) Call for Applicants for Teaching with Primary Source Mentor
Advisory Group 

The Library of Congress presents a prestigious leadership opportunity
for K-12 teachers. Selected applicants travel to Washington, DC for an
expense-free trip to attend a professional workshop on Teaching with
Primary Sources and serve as an advisor to the Library of Congress.

Qualified applicants who are selected to be a part of the Teaching with
Primary Sources (TPS) Mentor Advisory Group will:
●       inform development of the Library of Congress National
Teacher Network
●       work as a group to explore inquiry learning and primary
sources, develop online leadership skills and investigate new forms of
online collaborative learning
●       act as designated TPS Mentors to help launch and sustain this
network through online and face-to-face mentoring of K-12 teachers

Library of Congress TPS Mentor Advisory Group participation requires
commitment to:
●       an online professional development course
●       a workshop at the Library in Washington, DC, July 19-22,
●       online discussions with teachers in educational networks and
●       quarterly webinars with Library of Congress staff and other
TPS Mentor Advisory Group members

There are no costs associated with the TPS Mentor Advisory Group. The
Library will pay for transportation to and from Washington, DC, lodging
and meal costs associated with the workshop.

The following requirements will be considered during the application
●       previous participation in Library of Congress professional
development (at the Library, through an institutional partner or easily
accessed online modules)
●       demonstrated ability using the Library's digitized primary
sources for K-12 instruction
●       active participation in existing online education networks
●       demonstrated history of educational leadership or excellence

We look forward to hearing from you! Please submit your application by
April 28, 2010 to increase your chances of acceptance. Good luck! 

Send an inquiry and submit your application to TPS Mentor -