Hello Steven:

Thank you for the important information and critics you gave. We're trying
to make you and other collectors like you satisfied through our research and
programs. Although you and me do not share a similar collection structure,
but this doesn't change the truth that we both would like to have a better
experience in collection management.

I'll try to sort our your needs line by line, please correct me when needed.

1: Include 78 rpm recordings rather than digital formats only.
2: Include information as : recording venue, recording date, performers,
matrix number, and also need the information of the composer and the work.
3: Show information "discographical".

There are also some things you didn't mention, but is important for us to
achieve our goals without compromise:

First, a definition of possible "discographical" presentation you would like
to see:

Will it be arranged by classical compositions? e.g.
Will it be arranged by conductors? e.g.
Will it be arranged by ensembles? e.g.

Although the current design is not satisfying, but I think it's very clear
to clarify the concepts we need to agree on. Each way has its audience, and
has its own design consideration.

Second, do you care about the musicology facts beyond the discography? e.g.
the compositions by J.S.Bach.
What kind of presentation do you need? Chronological / By BWV catalogue / By
BC catalogue / By genre or something else?

We've a demo at

We've made progress by *modeling the domain of discourse* we're talking
about, design the *information visualization* and human-computer *
interaction* for classical music system and is hopefully to satisfy points 2
and 3.

We lack information source of the 78 rpms which are very precious in
meaning. But if you would like to help us in obtaining some raw materials,
we believe we can compile a *meaningful, useful, beautiful and
modern*discography which really belongs to our time. What I mean here
is a new
version of *World's Encyclopedia of Recorded Music* is not we need. Am I

Thank you again and sorry for the lengthy text. We really want to help.
Community contribution is vital to a successful solution.

Baoshan Sheng
Director | International Classical Music Database
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On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Steven C. Barr <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

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>> Hi Tom:
>> Have a look at a project: (somewhat stale, we're
>> working
>> at it now).
>> Try to make some search and exploration. I want to know if this is what
>> you
>> need.
>> Any kinds of critics is truly welcomed.
>>  Not AT ALL what I expected! What I (and other 78 collectors) am looking
> for
> is a discography covering 78 rpm classical recordings, providing recording
> dates and probably conductors (of orchestral recordings) and identifying
> featured soloists when/if they exist. Your database seems to concentrate
> on CD (re)issues; I do NOT specifically collect classical records, but have
> picked up a large handful via buying large accumulations of 78 rpm
> records. As a result, what I would like to see is a (rather large)
> discographic
> work which would provide recording dates (and places?) for classical
> records just as ADBD does for dance band 78's...?!
> Given that about 99% of the classical 78's were issued on either (RCA)
> Victor or Columbia...both of which still retain their recording
> should be possible (although involving a lot of work) to compile a
> substantial discography of classical 78's...?!
> Steven C. Barr