Hello, Shai,

In Samplitude, when I place CD track marks in a virtual project file, 
I can export the audio as individual files--either MP3 or WAV. I 
often export the WAV files and then run an overnight batch conversion 
to generate the MP3 files.

The WFMU process appears to be part of the parsing of the file, but 
the individual URLs are time encoded, for example:

What is nice about an M3u file (*.m3u) is that many players will 
recognize this and Samplitude will generate it.

So, if you wish to listen to the entire broadcast, loading the m3u 
file will play all the individual track files listed within in 
sequence. It is a playlist file and I think it's fairly standard.



At 03:32 AM 2010-04-11, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how to solve the following problem? I have 
>recordings of hour long news program that has many items in it. The 
>original wave file is 62 minutes long, but the research library 
>wants a feature that will enable a researcher to click on a specific 
>item in the database and hear that item directly. So if there is a 
>news item that starts at 25:15 and ends at 28:45, a click on the 
>link will start playback at that point and not from the beginning of 
>the audio file. Anyone have an idea? As a last resort I am thinking 
>about giving a try to the cutting program mentioned here a few days 
>back that can create mp3 files according to the markers I make in wavelab.

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