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>I would call it an "insert", "insert sheet", "insert booklet" or "insert 
>card".  Recordings of all types had sheets inserted, even booklets.  This 
>goes back to cylinders, 78 albums, pre-recorded tape, and LPs, among 
>others.  You might make a differentiation for something that acts like a 
>picture cover inside a clear outer cover, and perhaps call it a "display 
>insert".  If it unfolds, it might even be an "insert poster".  I've seen 
>these things that are record size with printing on one side broken into 
>blocks, but when unfolded the other side is one large poster picture.  But 
>if is part of the inside of the package, it is an "insert".

      I have finished scanning every picture sleeve and related item for 
all the Wisconsin 45's and 7" EP's in my collection.  I have also changed 
the designation from "sleeve" to "insert" for all that apply.  The back 
side of most of them is blank.  None of them, when unfolded, show a 
complete picture, like a poster.  I added a new section to the page with a 
more complete description of them and included unfolded scans of 11 of them,

      The generic unsealed plastic sleeve around them seems to me that it 
was added to the used 45's by the store, because there is no printing, 
broken seal, or any other indication that the record company released it 
that way.  With three open sides, it had to be contained in something when 
originally sold, but I don't know what that "package" looked like.  Has 
anyone ever seen one of these, unopened, sealed in shrink wrap, or 
something else, or bought one in person from an artist or a label?

      These folded covers serve the same purpose as the front/back of LP 
jackets and 45 picture sleeves, and CD liner notes booklet front cover and 
the jewel case tray card under the CD.  Since all LP's had jackets, I don't 
think anything like this was ever needed for an LP.  I find it hard to 
believe that these folded covers, in a format possibly unique to 45's, 
exists only from 11 different Wisconsin labels and 9 out-of-state labels 
and have never been given a universal nomenclature/name by any collector or 
record company in the past.

      FYI, after three months work, this went public on April 1st with 523 
scans for 253 different record companies,
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