At 05:24 AM 2010-04-15, Ishumael Zinyengere wrote:
>Dear All,
>Thanks very much for the all of the feedback. Here's a bit more 
>information about the original material, and what we're trying to do with it.
>In order to make this material accessible to the public, it needs to 
>be redacted. The primary reason for redacting the material is to 
>protect the witnesses who have agreed to testify under the condition 
>that their identity remains undisclosed to the public. This is 
>crucial, because revealing the identity of a protected witness could 
>potentially put him or her in a life-threatening situation.

Hello, Ishumael,

Sorry I misunderstood your original post.

I think, honestly, Lou Judson has the right idea. There are vocoders 
and other effects in many digital audio workstation programs that can 
really change the sound of a voice. While pitch can be changed, it 
can be changed without affecting timing (and vice-versa). If you'd 
like to send me a short clip, I could send you a couple of effects 
out of Samplifude that I never use, but now I know why they are there <smile>.

Yes, it's a difficult problem, and I admire you and your team for 
making this material available. The situation in Rwanda was one of 
the worst that I can recall during my lifetime.

You can email a clip up to 20 MB encoded to 
mailto:[log in to unmask] or 10 MB encoded to 
mailto:[log in to unmask] Send a voice that doesn't NEED to be 
distorted, but would be similar to one that would need it, please. I 
don't want to be responsible for someone's safety.



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