At 11:47 AM 2010-04-15, Tom Fine wrote:

>When you get into recorded music, it's even more of a false premise 
>that what's being preserved is "history." I always keep in mind a 
>conversation I had with a classical pianist once, when the man was 
>in his 70's. Somehow we got on the subject of how he'd be remembered 
>and he glumly noted that his recordings would stand far longer than 
>the experience of seeing him in concert. Yet, he had spent thousands 
>more hours performing in concert -- and he believed he had performed 
>every single work he had done best in concert -- than in front of 
>microphones making records.

And...this brings up one of my favourite topics: concerts should be 
recorded well and archived. We do have some of this and I think we're 
getting better at it, but the "produced" commercial recording product 
indeed shows the producers' and the artists' visions and not the 
artists' alone.

Certainly the produced Broadway show albums, as another example, 
often re-ordered the songs from where they appeared in performance.



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