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>   I'd be very interested if this can be verified.
>    If anyone can supply ADDRESSES, from the albums or labels, adverts, 
> etc.  that might give some clues......

      "etc."? ... are addresses found in books acceptable resources?  It is 
curious that someone should inadvertently inquire about the results of my 
next project, gathering together in one place, all Record Company addresses 
past and present found in the books in my library.

      You don't mention where in the U.S. this Heritage Records is, but 
I've found three entries which may or may not match the Label in 
question.  None of the three mention Concert Hall, which I have not found 
listed in any of the books I've indexed so far.  Does this help, or is this 
a completely different Heritage Records?  Sandberg notes, "bluegrass and 
old-time" for this Heritage, which doesn't match the recorded content 
mentioned in this thread.

Rt. 3, Box 278, Galax, VA 24333 {FMS76:5/FMS89:11}
Rt. 3, Box 290, Galax, VA 24333 {MHF98:893}
{book code:page number(s)}
FMS76 -- 1976, Sandberg & Weissman. The Folk Music Sourcebook, 1st ed.
FMS89 -- 1989, Sandberg & Weissman. The Folk Music Sourcebook, 2nd ed.
MHF98 -- 1998, Walters & Mansfield. MusicHound Folk

PS: What pre-1960 books list addresses for many Labels?  1960 is the oldest 
book I have with addresses.

PPS: Checking further, Goldmine's 2000-2007 Independent Label Directories 
list another one: Heritage Records and Music Company, 2417 Welsh Rd., Suite 
227, Philadelphia, PA 19116 -- (215) 676-7377, - - "'50s and 
'60s rock 'n' roll and doo-wop" ... no listing for Concert Hall in Goldmine 
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