Hello, Ishumael,

If I understand your question correctly, there was once a WAV file 
that was then encoded as an MP3 and the WAV file went away and now 
you wish to reconstruct it from the MP3. Is this a quick assessment 
of what you wish to do?

If it is, I'm afraid that the MP3 coding process throws away 
"inaudible" information or "barely audible" information, and I doubt 
there is any way of getting that back.

When you speak of "distortion" if that existed in the original, there 
are some "de-clip" algorithms that are marginally successful if the 
wind is blowing from the right direction in slightly removing some 
forms of clipping, but, all-in-all, the experience I've had with 
these have barely been worth the effort.

It would be best to somehow re-generate the original WAV files, 
preferably at 48 ks/s 24 bits for voice or 96 ks/s 24 bits for music.



At 04:58 PM 2010-04-03, you wrote:
>Dear colleagues
>I do hope I find you well.
>I would like ask for advice on the following:
>1. Is it possible to undistort a recording that has been compressed 
>from a wav file to mp3 and manage to listen to the original 
>recording if one was to use the same software (adobe audition) to 
>listen to the recording2.What is the best possible way of voice 
>distortion in adobe audition.

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