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> > When you speak of "distortion" if that existed in the original, 
> there are some "de-clip" algorithms that are marginally successful 
> if the wind is blowing from the right direction in slightly 
> removing some forms of clipping, but, all-in-all, the experience 
> I've had with these have barely been worth the effort.
>Which programs have you been using for this. I've used Izotope RX, 
>and have had dramatic results in some cases, restoring the audio 
>enough to air on a weekly public radio music program that I produce.

Hi, David,

I have moslty used Samplitude and, while I have had some dramatic 
effects, most of the time it's been less than I hoped for. I think it 
depends on where the clipping occurred. It is much better with 
digital clipping in the original than analog clipping/tape overload 
(which is most of what I do).

I should try Izotope again. That's a good recommendation for it.



P.S. THANKS Mr. Huu!!!!

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