I also forgot to mention, Concord Group has now partnered with Chesky's high-resolution download 

Rounder was already involved:

Offerings are limited right now, but it's encouraging to see Concord and also Universal/Verve 
dipping toes into the high-rez/DRM-free download business.

In the case of Concord and its labels, since it sells CD's and MP3 directly to the consumer plus 
sells through Amazon, eMusic and others, it makes no sense for them to sell anything but 
higher-than-CD resolution at HDTracks. Interesting that there's no Telarc yet. They must have excess 
SACD inventory to sell off first.

-- Tom Fine

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> Interesting how Concord has rolled up a bunch of mid-sized independents in this decade. Before 
> they started, Concord, Telarc, Fantasy Group (which earlier rolled up Riverside, Prestige, Pablo 
> and Stax) and Rounder were all standalones.
> I've noticed that Concord has done a better job than some other record companies about having a 
> usable, user-friendly website and also about selling directly to the public and selling MP3 
> downloads directly. All of this cuts out middlemen and is good for their bottom line. They also 
> recently cleared out excess inventory, mostly from Fantasy Group, via I've been 
> impressed with the Stax remasters I've heard, especially when compared to the really lousy 
> remasters put out by Rhino/Atlantic in the late 1980's. Also, the Keepnews Edition remasters of 
> Riverside jazz classics have sounded really good to my ears. On the negative side, it's too bad 
> they shut down Telarc's new-recording operation, but I can see how keeping it probably didn't make 
> good business sense. As much as we might like a type of music (classical) or a technology (SACD), 
> we can't force others to buy it and if there are few enough of us, it's not a profitable or 
> sensible market.
> One man's opinions, YMMV ...
> -- Tom Fine