Hi Bob:

I don't understand this statement:

> Multi-gigabyte files probably
> won't be convenient for people to loot anytime soon.

Huh? It takes 5 minutes or less to crunch a whole album of any format except SACD (because Sony 
never allowed ripping software) down to MP3, and thus easy pirate distribution.

Also, I noticed that the Beatles 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC files ended up on bittorrent almost as soon as 
they were released. I bought the kewl collectable USB drive, so it sure steams me that anyone was 
able to steal those pricey high-rez files so quickly. Ask any Hollywood lawyer or money man, large 
file size does not deter pirates. And DRM pisses off legitimate users and has proven ultimately 
beatable every time. Hence the profit-sucking vice that the industry finds itself squeezed in.

I think it's folly to feel secure just because a song is sold in 24-bit format. Sure, most consumers 
don't have 24-bit playback on their computers (yet), but like I said, conversion utilities are 
plentiful, cheap or free, and fast.

-- Tom Fine

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>> From Tom Fine:
>> In general, I agree with you in lamenting the slow submerging of the CD
>> format, but it appears to be
>> inevitable...
> The CD is going away fast at the mid level because it is only a liability
> for any recording that isn't meant for the lowest common denominator. These
> are the labels that were decimated by napster, quiet as that's kept.
> I expect to see all optical media disappear and be replaced by a limited
> number of lavishly packaged titles on USB media in stores and high
> resolution downloads for everything else. Multi-gigabyte files probably
> won't be convenient for people to loot anytime soon.
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