You could start here - these guys put out 78s in the 70s, might still  
know where they did it:


On Apr 4, 2010, at 9:57 AM, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:

Really? This is the first I've heard of this. Even though India is in  
the part of the world where the lac beetle lives, and thus closer to  
the source of shellac, I've never heard of a pressing plant, in India  
or anywhere else for that matter, still set up to make the biscuits  
to actually press shellac 78s. Not to mention having an actual  
working water heated press.
I've asked before on other lists whether a portable, one-off press  
was used in pressing plant audio labs c. 1935-40 for making single  
test pressings, possibly for cutter, stylus or new shellac  
formulation tests. I've never gotten an answer, but it seems likely  
that someone must have produced one.
Hmmm, I think I'll go for a troll through the Audio Record magazine  
archive today. Maybe I'll spot one there.
Here's the URL, just in case you may have missed the first posting here:


Nigel Barrett wrote:
> Go to India the only country I know still making 78's.n.a.b.
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 7:40 PM, Sueiro Bal Marcos  
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>> Greetings
>> A client of a friend wants to press "78s". By this I assume he means
>> coarse-groove discs spinning at 78 RPM --who knows with what  
>> curve. Anyone
>> know of a mastering facility that can cut such a lacquer? I could  
>> not find
>> an answer in the archives. He does not expect anyone to actually  
>> play them.
>> If anyone knows of a pressing plant capable of pressing 78s, I'd  
>> appreciate
>> that too. I assume no one in the world can press shellac anymore,  
>> but maybe
>> thick vinyl?
>> I would not even bother asking, but knowing this exists
>> I thought there may be a chance.
>> Next up --tinfoil-cylinder reissues of classic 1980s CDs.
>> Thanks!
>> Marcos
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