I do not travle,uch, and the last time I went to a confernec ewas New  
York in 1999. But I found in the internet a bed and breakfast in a  
nice home for less than half the cost of a hotel room. Sure, it was  
in Harlem and cabbies were reluctant but it was very nice and  
comfortable - and the family was a music family so I came home to jam  
sessions once or twice...

My point is you can search for bed and breakfast places, and skip the  
corporate hotel gouge. Just a sggestion!


On Apr 5, 2010, at 12:15 AM, Birgit Lotz Verlag wrote:

I tried real hard to find hotel accomodation in New Orleans -  
Looking for a room mate brought no replies either.
At last I THINK I have a single room reservation at the French  
Quarter Holiday Inn from 18 to 22 May. I spent a small fortune  
calling them several times long distance overseas. The lady at  
reservations there is friendly but somewhat incompetent. She promised  
to confirm the booking to <[log in to unmask]>, but never did!
My return flight would be on May 24, but the FQ Holiday Inn were  
unable to confirm the extra two nights at the ARSC group rate. The  
full rate would be prohibitive.  I contacted Brenda who kindly  
promised to help (last time on 24 March). Her answer pending I had  
not booked the alternative at Creole Inn New Orleans. Just returned  
to their site - Meanwhile the Creole Inn is also fully booked.
And even worse - since I had no hotel accomodation I did not dare to  
confirm the flight. Thus, even if I succeeded to get hotel  
accomodation now I would have to fight for a reasonably priced air  
ticket. (There are no direct flight to New Orleans from here, so I  
would have to fly to some other hub, and two stopovers, which will  
make it a 20 hour plus journey,)
What a pity. I had not been to New Orleans for many years and would  
have loved to return, especially since this year's conference agenda  
appeals to me as a blues and jazz fan...

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