I particularly like the phrase, "archivally sound."  Double meaning?

There used to be a spray product whose name escapes me. It put a 
rubber-cement like layer on the disc which was then to be pealed off.  We 
all called it "Disco-snot."  It was much less effective than LAST-type 

Steve Smolian

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A new invention from an Australian TV program -
A new invention and new approach to cleaning vinyl LPs

The before image shpows much surface trash, and after image show that it is 
gone. It says nothing, for as long as I bothered to read, that addressed the 
garbage at the bottom of the groove.

joe salerno

Alex Hartov wrote:
> Did you check the date of the posting?
> On Apr 1, 2010, at 9:08 AM, Jeremy Smith wrote:
>> Maybe not the most time efficient, or archivally sound practice, but 
>> something I hadn't heard of before....
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