This program won't solve Joel's problem, but it may be 
useful to some.

I recently delivered a batch of about 1000 WAV files to a 
client. The files were live concert recordings delivered as 
one WAV file per tape reel. Marker data was embedded in the 
file header to designate tracks (files were created in 
Wavelab 6), and the files were named as 
(Artist)-(Date)-(Reel #). The client wanted to put the 
recordings into iTunes as individual tracks converted to 
mp3, with song titles and artist information.
So the problem was how to split 1000 files into individual 
mp3s, rename each mp3 as (Song Name) with a track number at 
the beginning of the song name, and populate the "Artist" 
 Wavelab has a utility for splitting single files by track 
markers, and can name the files according to the marker 
names, but the function is not available for batch 
processing, so that would mean processing all 1000 files 
individually. Another problem was that the resulting files 
would end up sorted alphabetically, rather than by running 
order, which would upset the flow of the concert. Also some 
of the marker names had characters that are illegal in 
filenames (quotation marks, for instance). Wavelab's 
auto-split has an option to name the split files by filename 
and sequential numbers, but not by track name + sequential 
Once the files had been split and renamed, they could be 
batch-encoded to mp3 in Wavelab, but artist information has 
to be entered manually, requiring a seperate batch for each 

To deal with these problems, my client's IT guy created a 
little program calles WME (WAV Marker Extractor). With this 
program, you can specify a source and destination directory, 
choose the type of files to export, and the program will 
split the files according to the marker data in the file 
header. There are options (which need to be set prior to 
choosing the source) to "use file name for artist" (with the 
option to trim the file name after a designated character), 
"clean illegal characters" and "append chapter position in 
file name". If you place a copy of LAME.exe (freely 
available on the web) into the install directory, the 
program can export as 128 kbps mp3 files (with an option to 
save the intermediate WAV files) with Track Number, Track 
Name, Author and Album filled out (Currently 128k is the 
only option).
Obviously, this will only work with files that have marker 
information embedded in the file header. I know several, but 
not all DAW programs can do this, but have only tested WME 
with files created in Wavelab (note that saving marker data 
in the file header is an option in Wavelab that must be 
checked in options/preferences/file).

This program solved the problem my client had, and the 
author has made it available as donation-ware at:
Personally, I plan to use it to add the vinyl I've digitized 
from my personal collection to my iPod, something I've 
avoided due to the hassle of manually entering the info into 
Hopefully it will be of use to some on this list. It's a 
beta, and I'm sure the author would appreciate any comments 
or suggestions for further development.

-Matt Sohn