Hi Rod,

   FWIW from an audiophile;  a VPI  $500 dollar recording cleaning  
machine with with an inexpensive cleaning solution does 99%  of the  
job.  The solution; One gallon  of AQUAFINA, the best you can get  
unless you distill your own,  which I do. Replace 4 ounces of the  
water with Isopropyl alcohol at about 3  bucks for a quart at the  
drug store, 82% or so is what you'll get. Add four drops of DAWN  
dishwashing detergent and shake.

   If you're fussy, buy a WATER WISE distiller at about $400 bucks.  
My wife has taken control of my distiller and uses it for all the  
drinking and cooking water. After I bought the WATER WISE  she  
claimed the taste of the water was improved enough that she forced me  
to install a Kinnetico  water softener. That cost me about as much as  
another  thousand or two records at Plan Nine  records.

   I won't complain, even though  water is water to me, as she is a  
super cook!

   Try the formula and take your wife out to dinner with the savings.

On Apr 1, 2010, at 6:17 PM, Roderic G Stephens wrote:

> As I've probably said before, but just in case I didn't, I bought  
> that "expensive" stuff more than five years ago have definitely  
> found it to clean and quiet my recordings.  My spray bottle is  
> still 3/4 full after all this time, so prorated, it's been cheap  
> for me.  My major expense has been the distilled water that I have  
> to keep replacing.
> Rod Stephens
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>> Frank Strauss wrote:
>>>> In the spirit of the day, may I say the above
>> technique would allow one to
>>> engage in true multi-tasking-you could wash your
>> records and drink beer at
>>> the same time.
>> What's the old joke -- you only rent your record cleaning
>> solution?
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