Ken, I think we got punked! That original post about wood glue was April Foolish.

That said, yes on the Aquafina, it's commodity-priced reverse-osmosis water made at your local Pepsi 
plant. Beware other RO waters because many companies add back a "mineral packet" to give the water a 
more "spring water" and tap water mouth-feel. RO water can feel greasy in the mouth if one is used 
to drinking hard water from the tap. RO water also may taste "funny" to some due to its lack of 
taste, if one is used to hard water from the well or spring water that is mineral-laden, or 
chlorine-flavored water from the municipal system.

If you use Aquafina for this purpose, be kind to the environment and buy the largest-sized bottles 
you can find.

-- Tom Fine

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>   Hi Rod,
>   FWIW from an audiophile;  a VPI  $500 dollar recording cleaning  machine with with an 
> inexpensive cleaning solution does 99%  of the  job.  The solution; One gallon  of AQUAFINA, the 
> best you can get  unless you distill your own,  which I do. Replace 4 ounces of the  water with 
> Isopropyl alcohol at about 3  bucks for a quart at the  drug store, 82% or so is what you'll get. 
> Add four drops of DAWN  dishwashing detergent and shake.
>   If you're fussy, buy a WATER WISE distiller at about $400 bucks.  My wife has taken control of 
> my distiller and uses it for all the  drinking and cooking water. After I bought the WATER WISE 
> she  claimed the taste of the water was improved enough that she forced me  to install a Kinnetico 
> water softener. That cost me about as much as  another  thousand or two records at Plan Nine 
> records.
>   I won't complain, even though  water is water to me, as she is a  super cook!
>   Try the formula and take your wife out to dinner with the savings.
>   Ken
> On Apr 1, 2010, at 6:17 PM, Roderic G Stephens wrote:
>> As I've probably said before, but just in case I didn't, I bought  that "expensive" stuff more 
>> than five years ago have definitely  found it to clean and quiet my recordings.  My spray bottle 
>> is  still 3/4 full after all this time, so prorated, it's been cheap  for me.  My major expense 
>> has been the distilled water that I have  to keep replacing.
>> Rod Stephens
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>>> Frank Strauss wrote:
>>>>> In the spirit of the day, may I say the above
>>> technique would allow one to
>>>> engage in true multi-tasking-you could wash your
>>> records and drink beer at
>>>> the same time.
>>> What's the old joke -- you only rent your record cleaning
>>> solution?
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