Whew! Thanks for the explanation, Tom. I have a distant friend who  
thinks Aquafina is 400 proof... he likes larger bottles too.

Wish that were April Fools!


On Apr 1, 2010, at 6:28 PM, Tom Fine wrote:

> That said, yes on the Aquafina, it's commodity-priced reverse- 
> osmosis water made at your local Pepsi plant. Beware other RO  
> waters because many companies add back a "mineral packet" to give  
> the water a more "spring water" and tap water mouth-feel. RO water  
> can feel greasy in the mouth if one is used to drinking hard water  
> from the tap. RO water also may taste "funny" to some due to its  
> lack of taste, if one is used to hard water from the well or spring  
> water that is mineral-laden, or chlorine-flavored water from the  
> municipal system.
> If you use Aquafina for this purpose, be kind to the environment  
> and buy the largest-sized bottles you can find.
> -- Tom Fine