It was definity not Haydn Society.  Vic Talbot, who ran it in NY, was among 
my closest friends.

I'm sure it was Concert Hall but have not yet had time to go to the files.

Record Company addresses, particulary in New York, are strange.  The 
executive offices and shipping rooms were often in nearby but different 
locations.  One was a pricier location than the other.  The address on the 
mailing piece was usually that of the shipping, mail and stock room.

Steve Smolian

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> just found the below article in BILLBOARD - perhaps the connection is to 
> Haydn Society rather
> than Concert Hall?
> Anyone know anything further about BEECHURST PRESS ??
> Best wishes, Thomas.
> BILLBOARD May 12, 1956
> Beechurst Buys Haydn Disks
> NEW YORK - Sale of the Haydn Society to the Beechurst Press,
> which owns a 50 per cent interest in Heritage Records, has
> been confirmed.  The Purchase follows, by a month, a deal
> for the label by the Record Hunter, which was terminated
> by the death of George Seaman, former president for the retail disk chain.
>  Reported sale price is $63,000, which includes acquisition
> by the new owners of well over 50,000 Haydn Society disks, Heritage and
> Haydn will be operated as two separate labels under the same
> Beechurst management.  Thomas Yosseloff is president of
> the later firm.  Over all sales activity will be handled by
> James Richman, current Heritage sales chief.
>  No New releases will be made on the Haydn label until a
> substantial share of the current inventory is marketed.
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> I can't stop to double check right now, but Heritage was a sub-label of
> Concert Hall, if memory serves.
> Steve Smolian
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>> Does anyone have, or know of an online listing, catalog, discography of
>> HERITAGE records (the US company) which produced, from what I've seen,
>> mostly 10" records of musical theater related material, but also
>> had a 12" series which included a Roland Hayes album reissued from A440
>> label,
>> and a collection of presidential speech recordings reissued from Audio
>> Archives.
>> A recent online auction item was a 10" disc of John Carradine reading
>> Shakespeare etc
>> catlg SD 100 (not the usual H-00xx series)......
>> Thanks!
>> Best wishes, Thomas.