This freakin' list is bad for my wallet! Not only did I buy one of the bios (Bitch of a Life), but 
also a couple of CD's. I had heard of Fela and afrobeat music before but never owned any of it, at 
least I thought. Then I realized that I've owned and enjoyed a couple of Fela tunes for years, on 
mix tapes that list songs but not artists (typical kind of thing you ended up with if you were into 
music and in college in the mid-80's). Thanks to Rod Smear for the original question and all the 
interesting responses. Never too old to learn some new music.

-- Tom Fine

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there are a couple of biographies on Fela Kuti. I like the one by
Michael Veal. Should have some discography in it, but I am not sure.


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> One of my favorite presentations from the 2008 conference was B. George's
> use of Fela for background music during his talk about the Archive of
> Contemporary Music. I'd give him a shout.
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>> As good or as bad as it might be is a "good source" to start.
>> billshea
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>> Hi. Does anyone know of a good source/discography for the recordings of
>> Fela Kuti, the Nigerian musician? Any help will be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Rod